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2020 SANFLW Dream Team

The 2020 season of the South Australian National Football League Women's competition was a season of highs and lows, and in true essence it was a season like no other.

We saw the Eagles claim their first win, we saw the first SANFLW draw and the first undefeated season--all this was within a season that was split in two by a three month break.

One upside of this break however was that we saw the inclusion of several AFLW players, which proved beneficial for practically all sides bar the Double Blues. But Sturt made up for this by debuting some great young talent--talent that will no doubt join some of the South Australian's that were picked up in this year's NAB AFLW Draft.

For better of worse, this was a very unique season, and what better way to celebrate a season that most would have thought would never get to be completed--than with our 2020 SANFLW Dream Team.

As always, the Dream Team is made up of nominations by players and supporters, which these nominations than being put head to head in order to pick which one is the best Dream Team material.

Scroll down to see the 2020 SANFLW Dream Team, plus a small breakdown of the squad.

Captains: Rachelle Martin, Anne Hatchard

Vice-Captain: Zoe Prowse

The Premiers sit with the most spots in our Dream Team with six, followed by fellow Grand Finalist South Adelaide who has five named players. Next is the Bloods and the Tigers, both of which have three players represented.

As for the leaders, it is no surprise that we have gone with the co-recipients of this year's League Best and Fairest who are now also Adelaide Crow teammates, Rachelle Martin and Anne Hatchard. As for the Vice-Captain, we have selected a Sturt youngster that enjoyed a breakout season, Zoe Prowse.

While we usually consider emergencies to be a form of 'notable mentions', there were three players that we very unlucky not to make the final cut, and these are West Adelaide's Abbie Ballard, South Adelaide's Tahlia Meyer, and Woodville-West Torren's Kiana Lee.

Forward Pocket

Stevie-Lee Thompson (West Adelaide)

This star Crow's performance for the Bloods certainly didn't hurt her reputation, and she also provided a much-needed boost to the young Westies outfit. With great pace and strength, she proved to be very dangerous both up-forward and around the stoppages, and would go onto to finish the season with seven goals from eight matches.

Full Forward

Ashleigh Woodland (North Adelaide)

The 2020 SANFLW Leading Goalkicker turned recent Adelaide Crow draftee, Ashleigh Woodland is an extremely lively and versatile player--best shown through her 18 goals from 12 matches. This, coupled with performance during the AFLW Draft Combine, explains why the Crows picked her up with their third and final pick in the 2020 AFLW Draft.

Forward Pocket

Jess Kirk (South Adelaide)

Jess Kirk was leading the Goalkicking tally right up until the final game of the home and away season, but after missing the last two games of the season she was just out pipped by the earlier mentioned Woodland. As a player that has strong overhead marking and feeds off momentum, Jess finished the year with 18 goals from 11 matches.

Half Forward Flank

Teah Charlton (South Adelaide)

As a player with plenty of X factor, Teah Charlton became the third straight South Adelaide product to be selected with the Crows first pick, following in the footsteps of Gore and McKinnon. She could have easily been selected last year if she wasn't too young, so its no surprise that, after her eight goal year, this fast-paced player was selected with pick four.

Centre Half Forward

Eloise Jones (Glenelg)

This fast-paced Adelaide Crow proved to be very dangerous at half-forward for the Tigers--best shown through the fact that she managed to kick nine goals in just five matches. As a major threat when the ball is in flight or on the ground, this Glenelg product is certainly Dream Team worthy.

Half Forward Flank

Madi Freeman (Glenelg)

Madi Freeman was able to make herself stand out in a side that had several big names from the Crows--and she was able to do this thanks to her quick pace and clean skills. The 2020 season was certainly her best yet, which was topped off perfectly with her receiving Glenelg's Best and Fairest.


Matilda Zander (Norwood)

The fast-paced Norwood player was one of the best performers in the competition before the league was suspended. Good awareness, clean skills and very versatile, Matilda can be a threat both on the inside or outside, and she can even drop back behind the ball if need be.


Anne Hatchard (North Adelaide)

Anne Hatchard, not be confused with any other player in the long sleeves, had a year that was literally like no other, with her more notable achievements for 2020 including being crowned as an All Australian, Crows Club Champion and SANFLW Best and Fairest. Not to mention that she also broke the SANFLW record for most disposals in a game as well.


Hannah Munyard (South Adelaide)

If there was a player of the finals award, Hannah Munyard would certainly receive it. The fast-paced Panther product turned Adelaide Crow was very dangerous on the outside and she also managed to provide immense pressure when rested up forward, finishing with five goals from nine matches.

Half Back Flank

Amber Ward (North Adelaide)

An extremely reliable and consistent performer, Amber Ward remained one of the best defenders in the competition despite having to go up against AFLW quality forwards. With clean skills and great composure, she is certainly knocking at the door of the next tier.

Centre Half Back

Lisa Whiteley (South Adelaide)

Considering Lisa Whiteley's performances this SANFLW season its no wonder the Crows decided to bring her over from the Giants. While her intercept marking was arguable her biggest strength, her speed and composure down back saved countless goals throughout the season.

Half Back Flank

Maddi Newman (West Adelaide)

Arguably the best rebound defender in the competition despite spending the first-half of the year as a forward for the Adelaide Crows. Maddi Newman's pace and overhead marking are certainly her biggest strengths, and in true rebounding fashion she showed that her time at the Crows has been paying off as she managed to sneak down and kick a goal this season.

Back Pocket

Tesharna Maher (Woodville-West Torrens)

2020 has been Terharna's best season in the SANFLW thus far. The young-gun defender proved to be very valuable for the Eagles all season, and her quick pace saw her collect her fair share of rebounds for her side.

Full Back

Sarah Allan (Central District)

Sarah Allan would be the second biggest name in this year's Dream Team, and her performance this SANFLW season certainly didn't hurt that. Not only was she a force to be reckoned with when in defense, but she also proved to be a valuable ruck--as she was able to give first looks to some of her talented teammates, and at times she was even able to rove her own taps.

Back Pocket

Demi Sonneman (Central District)

A very familiar name from the Bulldogs, Demi Sonneman was one of the first names that we put onto our team sheet. This is mainly because she is a silky-skilled player that provides plenty of rebound potential for her beloved side.


Zoe Prowse (Sturt)

She is the Vice-Captain of our 2020 SANFLW Dream Team and it is easy to see why as the young ruck enjoyed a stellar season with the Double Blues. She was a very reliable and consistent performer all season, which explains why she was named amongst the best players during eight of her ten matches this season.

Ruck Rover

Rachelle Martin (West Adelaide)

The Adelaide Crow train-on turned Adelaide Crow draftee, Rachelle Martin was our pick for the Best and Fairest and she certainly didn't let us down. She's not afraid to back down from a contest, while her quick pace also allows her to also open the game up when the chance arises.


Hannah Ewings (North Adelaide)

Young Hannah Ewings was easily the favourite for the SANFLW Breakthrough award. Despite being just 15 when she made her league debut, her clean skills and very quick pace makes it hard to even pick--and she certainly has a bright future.


Caitlin Gould (Glenelg)

Caitlin Gould had a big impact when she returned from her Adelaide Crow duties. She was able to give Glenelg's talented midfield the first look, while she was also a very dangerous player when she went forward--which is shown through the fact that she managed eight goals from seven matches.

Indy Tahau (South Adelaide)

The latest Brisbane Lions signing, Indy Tahau was a very consistent performer for the Panthers. With quick pace, strong hands, and a great kick--she is very versatile to say the least, but she is certainly most dangerous up forward or around the contest.

Brittany Perry (North Adelaide)

A great target to have up forward, Brittany Perry was very impressive during the Roosters' finals campaign. With clean hands and a beautiful kick, Brittany finished the season with 11 goals from just seven games.

Shelby Smith (Central District)

This father-daughter player had an outstanding first season with the Bulldogs. With quick pace, clean skills and a great tackling ability, she was constantly a strong performer through the middle of the ground--which explains why she was crowned as the Bulldogs' Best and Fairest.


Bella Smith (Norwood)

The very versatile player with a cricket background, Bella Smith is a valuable player to have at either ends of the ground, thanks to her great awareness and strong overhead marking. After having another strong performance with the Redlegs, the young gun was rewarded and recognised by being picked up by Collingwood.

Georgia Bevan (Sturt)

One of Sturt's most reliable players, Georgia Bevan brings plenty of experience and composure to an otherwise young and new side. Speed, awareness and her ability to win the hard ball are all parts of her game--which is why she makes our Dream Team.

Katelyn Pope (North Adelaide)

Katelyn Pope was a consistent performer for the Roosters, which is easily shown through the fact that she played ten games for six goals, and was also named amongst their best players on six separate occasions.

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