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Adam Hunter - the boy from Mount Compass

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Adam Hunter, the boy from Mount Compass has had a little bit of everything during his football career. He has experienced SANFL level football for both Sturt and South Adelaide. He has tasted a few bitter losses, a drought breaking premiership and even a prank by one of Australian footballs finest.

But his done it all with a smile on his face as by his own admission, he doesn’t “take life to serious that’s for sure”.

Hunter made the switch from the Mount Compass Soccer Club to the Mount Compass Football Club when he was 12 and has been there ever since; besides a one-year stint at Sturt in 2011 and the 2017/2018 seasons at the “Mighty Panthers”.

“14 years and on my last legs I recon,” he said.

“Ever since I played my first game at the age of 12, I’ve loved it and just strived to be the best I can be.”

When asked on how his been able to keep it up for this long, Hunter simply replied with;

“Sometimes after a bad game I sit back and ask myself the same question. The comradery, the lifelong friendships you make. Continue to challenge yourself every week at training and playing. But most importantly is the ultimate success.”

Hunter has many fond memories from his time in football. Making his SANFL league debut for Sturt was one of those times.

It was round one, 2011 and Sturt were up by 36 points at half time over the Eagles. However, when the siren sounded to end the game, they had lost by 30 points.

Giving up a lead isn’t the best but to make it a little less enjoyable for Hunter, he “got dropped as well so was not really the best memory”.

However, he does prefer to see the funny side of a bad situation.

“I was driving to training, late like normal, and had no idea I’d been dropped and didn’t realise the coach had been trying to contact me all day… so got to training and the meeting had already started. So, I walked into the meeting room only for the coach to give me the news in front of everyone! That was a good moment.”

Another fond memory of the Mount Compass boy was his “first game at the Panthers under Budda! Knocking of westies by a few points on their home deck was unreal”.

For Hunter, “that whole season was a lot of fun”.

An example of this “fun”, came in the form of a prank by one of Australia’s best footballers, Garry ‘Buddha’ Hocking;

“Playing Norwood and I got reported for kneeing Jace Bode I think, so anyway I got a phone call from Budda on the Monday saying I got a 3 game suspension and $500 fine and I almost cried, when really it got thrown out straight away and nothing came of it... really got stitched up by Budda there!”

Despite playing at state level football, Adam Hunter will always be a Compass boy at heart.

“I’m very lucky to have won a premiership in 2016 with my local club Mount Compass, it was a 36-year drought between A grade flags so that is something I’ll always hold very close to my heart.”

“14 years of footy and only able to win one premiership, but it was definitely worth it! Hopefully looking to add to that tally over the next few years with Mount Compass.”

Away from football, “taking the dog down to the beach or out exploring is what I like to do in my space time”.

Adam Hunter has experienced the highs and lows of football but has managed to maintain that positive spirit throughout it all. Never letting his success get in front of him or his team. A true country boy at heart.

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