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Ahlani Eddy - a Perfect Story

Updated: Sep 14, 2020


What makes a good story?

For most, they would say a good story is one about success and promise, and maybe one with a few setbacks thrown in. However, there is many ways to make a good story, which is why we would much prefer to show you than tell you.

Which is why we would like to introduce you to Ahlani Eddy.

Ahlani’s story has it all; from setbacks to success, passion to promise; and lucky for us, she is generous enough to share it.

As always, it is best to start a story from the beginning; and even Ahlani’s origins in football are quite interesting;

“I started at AusKick, so I’ve been playing for a long time; I was one of the only girls in the league when I started. That was at BB Saints in the Hume League.”

“Then I had to take a few years off because there was nowhere for girls to go until Lavington Pink Panthers started up which is in o and m league. From there I got picked for North East Border and Murray Bushrangers.”

“I then moved away and played for the Sawtell Saints in the North Coast League. Then got asked to trial for NSW and I was selected into the squad then further selected in the Eastern Allies."

Getting to experience so much so quickly, works wonders in terms of development; but it also creates many memories.

And just by hearing what some of Ahlani’s favourite memories and moments are, it really goes to show how positive and grateful her attitude is, both on and off the field;

“I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people through footy and also get coached by Nic Barr and Alicia Eva was definitely a huge highlight!”

“Winning is also good, but I think my favourite thing is being able to meet people through sport! I’ve also have gotten to experience playing on awesome ovals like Metricon and Punt Road! I don’t have a favourite memory as such.”

'The Winning Feeling' - image kindly supplied by Ahlani.

Playing for so many different sides over the years; Ahlani has certainly met her share of great footballers;

“Obviously playing alongside people that have been selected to AFLW is so cool! I really looked up to Alyce Parker as a captain at Allies with her skills on the field and also her attitude off the field!”

“I also really idolise the continuous trying of the girls at Sawtell, like most being first- and second-year players its awesome to see them persist and improve!”

“I also really enjoyed playing alongside Brenna Tarrant being my best friend off the field it was awesome to play alongside her on the same team.”

But just as impressive as her wholesome attitude towards her teammates, is the number of accolades she has to her name already;

“I won the Grand Final last year at Sawtell and this year I was captain of Sawtell and lost the granny by one. I won a premiership at Lavi Panthers too.”

“I got the Anzac Day Medal this year and came third in the Best and Fairest the last two years after only playing 7/8 of the 18 rounds.”

'State Pride' - image kindly provided by Ahlani.

The fact that she managed to finish third for the Best and Fairest despite missing that many games is quite remarkable.

But even the best stories have setbacks, and for Ahlani it was these setbacks that saw her miss so many games over the past two years;

“Broken wrist last year and this year I tore my MCL.”

“It was so devastating and disappointing not being able to play or nominate; but like what can u do.”

“I was still at every game through the season and at training, so I didn’t feel too left out; I did everything for rehab to come back as soon as possible! Not going to lie I was quite miserable.”

But as a leader, she is willing to also share advice to those who are going through a similar situation;

"Do the rehab properly so u can come back as soon as possible! And it’s only some time, you can recover and get back on track like it’s not the end of the world."

Luckily for us and women’s footy, she stayed strong through both rehabs and pulled through, and she managed to play the remaining games this season;

“Thankfully I am, and I was able to captain the team through the Grand Final; it’s back to normal I am still doing rehab things to try and eliminate the chance of it happening again. 10-12weeks was not very fun.”

The fact that she has been able to bounce back from two injuries as well as spending time as team captain, and just the overall humble and grateful attitude she has towards her teammates; goes a long way in summing up what character she is.

Which is a very strong, passionate and resilient character. But she is also very gracious, especially towards the two that has made all of this possible;

“Well I started playing because I wanted to be like my dad, he would practice with me and do anything needed around the club/team to help!”

“Both of my parents have helped make everything possible! But I must admit I was and still am very influenced by my dad when it comes to football.”

So, what is the next chapter in Ahlani’s story?

“I am moving to Queensland to play and get exposure at a higher level. I would love to get drafted, but I have not been very lucky with injuries and things; that is the goal.”

“I got uni offers there. The footy is a higher level. And I’ve finished school so something different.”

“I’m excited! I’m excited to play at a higher level.”

Likewise, we should also be very excited; because if Ahlani’s story has taught us anything, it is that it will take a lot to stop this very promising and passionate leader.

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