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Alexia Hamilton - the Capital's Prospect

Updated: Sep 14, 2020


With the clock slowly ticking down to the 2019 NAB AFLW Draft; many supporters and officials alike, are excited to see what top prospects their club can pick up for the upcoming season.

But with so many talented players; there will be many tough decisions made on draft day.

But what exactly are the clubs looking for when it comes time to pick?

Well, obviously talent or at least potential is a must; passion is great, and a strong mentality is an added bonus.

Now with that in mind; who fits this description?

Many players come to mind; but there is a very promising and humble player from the ACT who deserves some recognition.

And we are of course talking about Alexia Hamilton.

She has managed to exceed her own dreams and expectations;

“To be quite honest, no way! I thought I wouldn’t even have a chance at being considered as an AFLW player. Dreams can sometimes come true, it’s surreal.”

Alexia has roughly five years of football experience under her belt already. Originally, beginning with the Belconnen Magpies before joining the Queanbeyan Tigers last year.

With five years of football you might expect a small amount of success; but it looks like Alexia missed this memo.

She enjoyed some success working with GWS back in 2016 but 2018 alone was an outstanding year for the promising prospect.

With her achievements that year including;

Under 18s All Australian: 2018

AFL National Championships - Invited to the AFLW National Combine: 2018

Team of the Year; selected at centre half forward for AFL Canberra seniors: 2018

Team of the Year; AFL Canberra Under 18s: 2018

But for Alexia; she plays football for the love of the game, not for the success;

“I just love playing with the girls and enjoying the sport. I’ve made so many friendships from playing footy, it’s unreal.”

And it isn’t just friends that she has backing her up in sport;

“My sisters are honestly my rock; we just all get along so well.”

In fact, Alexia is one of a few Hamilton’s that are making a name for themselves in Canberra.

With her sisters Jayde, Cynthia and Billie Hamilton along with her younger brother Riley Hamilton; all making a mark in their respective age groups for footy.

And it is this kind of support she has enjoyed during her success within other sports.

Along with achievements in both basketball and Oztag; the other main sport for Alexia has been judo.

And well considering her dedication and passion; it isn’t much of a surprise that she has had an amazing amount of success within that sport as well.

With her accolades for judo including;

Represented Australia in Jude Cadets World championships: 2017

Selected for junior World Championships: 2017

Australian u70kg junior women's (under 21) National Champion: 2017

ACT International Judo gold and silver medallist

So, with all of this success in multiple sports plus some great memories;

“Being named All Australian in 2018 was definitely amazing; winning the AFL Canberra premiership this year was also such an exciting experience and winning my first premiership at QBN with my sisters.”

It would have to be quite nerve wracking and exciting heading into the draft and Alexia is no exception;

“Sometimes it’s very hard. I just try to focus on coming back down to Earth and doing the little things. It’s hard not to think about it when it’s so exciting and such a surreal goal but I try my hardest to keep things real.”

But thankfully; Alexia has some great support behind her;

“Kif and Centimeter Perfect (manager’s) have been a huge part of my last 12 months and my family have been absolutely amazing through my entire football career and nothing I could ever do or say could show them how much I appreciate everything.”

So, with experience, talent, success, dedication and support; Alexia has all the qualities of a promising product.

But what about her mentality?

Well that is best shown through advice she would give to players who are also pushing to reach the AFLW.

“Honestly just to keep pushing; never stop trying and believing in yourself because you might think it’s all over but there’s always another game of footy or something bigger waiting for you.”

So, with the clock slowly ticking down to the 2019 NAB AFLW Draft; Alexia Hamilton is certainly a player to keep an eye on.

“I’m actually so excited; I just can’t wait for the draft day.”

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