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Alisha Molesworth - the Promising Power Product

"My advice would be kick the footy every day or at least get a footy in your hands everyday."


Coming from a dance and netball background, most wouldn’t have expected Alisha Molesworth to have a major impact so soon after beginning her football journey—yet she has done exactly that.

Netball, which she currently still plays, has taken up the biggest part of her sporting journey. During which time she has “won a few premierships, played in a lot of squad teams and won many awards”. However, by her own admission she has never “really thought about trying to go far in netball”.

This explains why, after shifting her attention to football in 2018, Aussie Rules now stands in her mind as “the main sport, one hundred per cent”.

With her first year of football in 2018 came her first football accolade, as her Newborough girls’ side finished her first season as the premiers. As a sign of things to come, Alisha also topped off her first season of football by claiming her side’s Leading Goalkicking award.

This is a feat that herself and Newborough managed to follow up on during 2019 as the side was once again crowned premiers and she once again claimed the Leading Goalkicker—making it a dream start to Alisha’s footballing journey.

“… Winning the premiership every year with Newborough would also have to be one of my absolute favourites.”

Perhaps the biggest sign of what was to come for the promising Newborough product was the fact that she also claimed the side’s 2019 Most Potential award.

Accolades aside, Alisha has and still is enjoying her time with the Newborough Football Club, which she describes as an “amazing bunch of girls and club”.

“…They are very supportive and could definitely say we all treat each other like family.”

“Definitely not as serious as NAB League but they do make sure we get the best experience possible but also make sure we have fun and enjoy our season as long as possible.”

2019 would also maker her first time spent in the Gippsland Power program, as she would get to don the colours of Gippsland’s V-Line and Interleague sides.

As well as this, she also got to play one game for the Hawthorn Academy during 2019.

'Mighty Vic Country' - image kindly supplied by Alisha.

2020 would be both a sweet and sour year for Alisha. Sweet as it marked her first year on Gippsland’s NAB League Girls’ list, but also sour as the suspension of football matches meant that Newborough couldn’t claim the three-peat.

Yet she returned to Gippsland this year and has had an “amazing” time in the blue, red and white, not just this season but also across her years in Gippsland’s program.

“… Gippsland Power is just so supportive, and they make sure that you get the best experience possible and it’s just a great club to be at with great girls and also the 'Gippy' boys as well.”

“The support of the coaches and staff is fantastic they definitely look after everyone very well.”

It has also been with the Power that she has experienced what she describes as being her favourite footballing moment of her journey thus far.

“My favourite footy moments so far would have to be the good goal I kicked in NAB recently against Calder Cannons.”

“… Also, my team winning our first game against Bendigo Pioneers, the celebration has got to be one of my most favourite moments.”

Her footballing journey also reached new heights this year as she represented Victoria Country’s U17s side which “was an awesome feeling”. “It feels amazing. Like even though I have one more game coming up it’s just a good feeling to actually be in Vic Country because that is obviously a goal that I wanted to achieve, and I did.”

Progressing from local footy to NAB League and then into state representation footy in just four seasons is a rather remarkable feat. Especially considering the limited opportunities available to play during 2020 and the fact that we’re only into the early months of 2021—making it more like just two full seasons of footy.

This rapid progression and development over the last few years has also been felt by Alisha.

“Compared to 2018, I’m a lot more confident in playing and I have gotten a lot fitter compared to how I used to be and I have improved massively as well.”

As for how she has managed to develop so well and so quickly, it comes down to her own dedication and passion as well as some great support.

“My sport teachers at school in the sports academy we have, they have definitely helped me and are the reason why I started footy. My footy coaches and definitely friends as well.”

So, what is the next chapter for this Promising Power Product?

“I would just be very happy to make the AFLW list.”

Considering how far Alisha Molesworth has come within such a short time span, it does beg the question of how she could actually end up going.

Since her last major goal was the make the Victoria Country side, and she has already achieved that after only two full years of football—we’d bet she can achieve anything if she continues on playing with this level of dedication and work ethic.

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