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Amber Ward - the Wonderful Wardie

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

"Have fun with footy and enjoy every moment because unfortunately good things have to come to an end; but to also work hard while you have fun because a great work ethic and drive for something you want in life will bring you success."


What has pushed and motivated Amber Ward to become of the more promising prospects in South Australia?

Well, to find the answer it is essential to reminisce about her relatively new but successful football career.

In just four years she went from a gifted soccer player to a member of the SANFLW’s 2019 Team of the Year.

This alone is a great indication of her potential; however, Amber does not stop there as she also finished third for North Adelaide’s Best and Fairest and played in the Central Allies this season.

Now, what is it that has motivated her?

The answer begins to become obvious when you listen to what the promising product has to say about her own experiences.

Mentioned before was Amber’s soccer background;

“I played soccer for 11 years before deciding to move to footy. It was getting too hard to manage both.”

And since making that fortunate move to football;

“I have been playing for about four years in a few teams; for the state team, North Adelaide, Broadview and my school team. But my footy has only just started to get to a serious level in the last two years.”

The fact that she switched to football and has continued to play obviously means she is passionate and loves the sport.

And this is the main motivation behind her; she is in it for the love of the game;

“I love the social side of the game the most. I have made some really good friends from footy and got the chance to play and be coached by some great people. I love the excitement of the game to and all the close games, finals footy and the excitement around the growth of women’s footy.”

Keep in mind that the humble player has had success;

“I did get a premiership out at Broadview last year. And for awards I finished third for North’s best and fairest this year and also was lucky enough to be selected in the SANFLW Team of the Year.”

But this success is more of a by-product of her trying to be the best she can at a sport she loves.

This is mainly the reason why she would prefer to talk about her teammates than her own individual success;

“I have love playing with everyone, but Brianna Arthur has been someone that I have really enjoyed playing with.”

“I have played with Brianna for north and my local team and through those teams she has been there through all the good and the bad on and off the field. I can’t wait for her to be back playing for North in 2020 after doing her ACL late last year.”

And this passion is also why she values and appreciates the clubs that she dons the colours of.

As a proud part of North Adelaide’s future;

“North is a great club and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. They have great staff that are all ways willing to help even in the off season. The coaches are also great with heaps of experience between them.”

“We get access to all the change rooms and facilities at the club; like the ice baths and gym all year round so they have a great program that looks after all the players.”

Considering some of the things she enjoys most about the game is the social side and the exciting moments that make up football; it is no surprise that some of these elements are reflected within her favourite football memories so far;

“There have been a lot of great memories so far but my favourites would have to be the central allies trip to the Gold Coast that was held in July this year and the road to the Grand Final for North this year was great especially the finals games against Glenelg and Norwood as they were such close exciting games.”

“The trip was a great experience I got to meet some great people from the Northern Territory and leant so much from all the coaching staff. It was great having AFLW player Courtney Cramey there to get some tips from her.”

Not only is Amber a very exciting player with a huge amount of potential within the future of women’s football; but she has also witnessed some of the growth of the game firsthand;

“There has been a huge growth in women playing football which has led to many clubs starting women teams. The new women’s teams have meant the skills and talent of women’s football is increasing and making it a lot harder to be selected at high levels.”

At the end of the day; Amber is a footballer who has a very kind and wholesome nature and who’s dedication and passion pushes her to be the best she can.

This is evident just through the advice she is willing to share for her fellow footballers;

“I would tell them to have fun with footy and enjoy every moment because unfortunately good things have to come to an end; but to also work hard while you have fun because a great work ethic and drive for something you want in life will bring you success.”

This advice goes a long way in summing up the person that Amber is. Like her advice she is making the most of her opportunities and having fun while doing so.

So what is next for this promising prospect?

“I would love to keep improving and hopefully make it to the AFLW someday.”

However, despite having a very bright path ahead of her, she hasn’t forgot those who have helped her to get to this point;

“I definitely want to thank my family they have all been there for me know matter what and also all my coaches and teammate; they have taught me so much and have made football even better.”

Overall, Amber does not play football just because she is good at it or that she is in it purely for success.

She is simply trying to be the best she can in a sport she absolutely loves and the success she is having is more of a product of her hard work and dedication; and as she continues with this passion the success is sure to continue to pile up.

And with her talent, compassion and team first mentality; the sky is the limit for Amber Ward.

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