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Updated: Sep 14, 2020


Siblings share a special bond; one-minute they’re fighting over the television remote and the next they’re keeping each other out of trouble.

But for Amelia Morriss and her big sister; it is a slightly different story.

And that is because these are the Glenelg sisters; Amelia Morriss and Tamsyn Morriss.

Both are exciting players in their own right; Amelia is new to footy but has achieved a considerable amount given this is her first year of playing.

And as for Tamsyn; well there isn’t much that hasn’t already been used to describe her so let’s just say she is one to certainly keep an eye on.

As for what its like having a big sister that is an exciting prospect to say the least; well Amelia says it is simply “awesome”.

“I love her so much and she is good a footy.”

And when talking to Amelia is becomes pretty evident rather quickly as to why this is;

“Really because she is that little bit older, we don’t really have a big rivalry. She just gives me tips on my footy.”

And one of these tips in particular is;

“First to the footy and don’t get caught ball watching.”

So, it is quite obvious that the Glenelg sisters share a special bond.

In fact, it only gets better when you find out at one of the main reasons behind Amelia starting footy is that;

“I was inspired by my big sister.”

Now that she is playing; she wants to go much further;

“I want to get into state next year and probably follow in Tamsyn’s footsteps.”

And given Amelia’s talent, mindset and with Tamsyn in her corner; there is no real reason why she can’t achieve this.

'Nipper and Mia' - image kindly supplied by Mia.

Considering 2019 marked the start of her footy career; she certainly hit the ground running.

Not only did she play “in the U15s Association team for the Southern Football League”. But she also made it into Glenelg’s U15s Development squad; which is quite an achievement considering its her first year.

As well as having a good amount of experience in her first season; Amelia also ticks all the other boxes in terms of becoming an exciting prospect.

For starters; she loves the game. But as for what she loves most in particular; well she narrowed it down to simply;

“Trying something different and making new mates.”

And a favourite mate of hers is;

“My mate Lily; she’s really funny.”

Which probably helps to explain why one of her favourite memories so far is;

“Probably getting to play 16s for the first time with Lily.”

Which is very wholesome considering Lily describes her as having “a heart of gold and who’s very determined to reach her goals and never give up on anything until she achieves it.”

Which brings us to another box that we can tick; which is that Amelia has the passion and dedication to go far with her footy.

Because as we all know, starting a new sport is difficult; but Amelia stuck with it and it paid of very well.

In fact, when she first started;

“It was alright, but I just went to all my trainings and I ended up improving every week.”

But with Tamsyn by her side she wasn’t alone; as she taught her;

“How to hold the footy and how to kick on the run.”

Another aspect that Amelia ticks would be her sporting background, which includes;

“Netball, Athletics, swimming and surf lifesaving and I’m going to start surfing.”

“Also, in my free time I love going to the beach and going out on my surfboard.”

And all of this goes a long way in making a very unique skillset. The kind of skillset that can see you go very far in football.

And finally; one of the more important and sought-after aspects is leadership.

Which she ticks off as well; as the advice she would give to her fellow first year teammates is;

“I would pretty much explain to them what went wrong because I’m in back so if they get a goal we come together and say like as an example; if the ball is in there 50 someone needs to be in the goal square so the footy doesn’t bounce in.”

So, despite this being only her first year of football; Amelia does have a considerable amount of potential. With great experience already as well as great support, dedication, background and even leadership.

And now Amelia is at that point where she can become the next Nipper in her own right, if she would like to that is.

And as for getting to this point; well she would like to thank;

“My family and my mates at footy especially Lily.”

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