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Anne Hatchard - the All-Australian

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

“Never give up on your dreams, through hard work and determination you can achieve anything.”

Those are the words spoken by a true footballer when asked to give advice for future generations of female footballers striving to reach the elite level.

Who better to give advice on such a topic than a two-time AFLW Premiership player and an All-Australian; South Australia’s very own Anne Hatchard.

Remarkably, Hatchy herself has only been playing football for five years. During which time she has donned the colours of Ingle Farm, Morphettville Park, Adelaide University, South Adelaide and the Adelaide Crows.

In fact, for Anne it was basketball that took centre stage for most of her sporting career and ironically;

“I didn’t really start following footy until I played it! My stepdad is a massive Port supporter, so he got me on board to secretly support the Power.”

However, her feelings towards the game now are no doubt an indication of why she has grown into one of football’s finest;

“I love being apart of a team environment. My teammates are like family. I also enjoy the physicality of the game, love a big bump or tackle. The competitiveness also excites me as I HATE losing. I always want to come off the field knowing I prepared myself the best I could for games and tried my hardest. I don’t accept myself not giving the best I can.”

Considering she enjoys the “physicality” of football, it is not surprising that this was one of the main reasons she gave football a go;

“One of basketball coaches played footy and said when I turned 16, I should give it a go and I absolutely loved it. This happened because she thought I was a brute on the basketball court and thought I would be good at footy.”

And her coach was spot on, although “good” doesn’t quite do justice for her football career.

In local football alone, she has tasted a great amount of success with just the number of premierships;

2016 - U18 SAWFL Premiership with Morphettville Park 2016 - SAWFL Premiership with Morphettville Park 2017 - SAWFL Premiership with Adelaide University

On top of this, in 2016 she also represented the state in the under 18s and was a part of the U18 All-Australian team.

In 2017, Anne reached an even greater level, the AFLW; after being drafted by the Adelaide Crows;

“It has been absolutely incredible playing AFL at the highest level in the women’s competition. I play against some inspiring women and I have had such a great journey so far in my first three years.”

Her accolades don’t stop there either, as she continually strives to be the best she can possibly be. The humble Crow has been rewarded on several occasions for her efforts, with her more recent achievements including;

2017 - AFLW Premiership with Adelaide 2018 - SANFLW Premiership with South Adelaide 2018 - AFLW Rising Star Nominee 2019 - AFLW Premiership with Adelaide 2019 - AFLW All-Australian Team

As mentioned earlier, Anne began her successful sporting career with basketball.

Considering she has been playing “basketball since I was seven years old” and with her dedicated attitude; It is by no means a surprise that she has achieved success in the sport.

Her list of basketball accolades includes;

2013/14 - U16 State basketball team 2015 - U18 State basketball team 2016 - U20 State basketball team

But out of all this success in two different sports; the talented sportswomen has a few favourite memories from it all;

“Definitely the two-time AFLW Premierships and making the AFLW All-Australian team is incredible! I’m still pinching myself about it, it was a shock to myself as I struggled to get a game the year before.”

However, despite all the premierships and personal awards, the talented Hatchard is still a very upbeat and humble person who isn’t afraid to have some fun or even laugh at herself.

What better way to show this then through a funny tale from the champion herself;

“When we played against Carlton and myself and Perko went to chest bump after she kicked a goal, and as I came down, she stepped on my foot and I fell flat on my ass.”

“It then got replayed straight after on the big screen and everyone laughed.”

This small tale shows that despite everything Anne has done and will do; she will continue to be the very kind, wonderful and humble person she is.

And as a humble person there are some people she would like to thank.

For football it is her coach from South Adelaide, Krissie Steen;

“Krissie helped me grow not only as a player, but also as a person. Such a supportive coach.”

And for both football and basketball, the thankyou goes to her mum;

“Mum has been the biggest supporter in all my sporting endeavours and achievements. I wouldn’t be where I am in my sporting career if it wasn’t for her!”

Anne Hatchard is very humble, almost that humble that it is possible to forget the fact she is a two-time AFLW premiership player and an All-Australian; that is until you see her play of course.

At the end of the day, her skills and dedication make her an outstanding player on the field; while her humble and kind nature make her an outstanding person off the field.

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