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Brina Thompson - the Saint

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

True team players are the heart and soul of football clubs; they love their club, love the game and value their teammates more than their own individual success.

As for Brina Thompson; well, she fits this description perfectly.

For starters, she appreciates all her teammates, with a few special mentions;

“I love playing alongside Emily Brockhurst and Layla Fitzgibbons.”

“They are just team players and always have your back on and off the field; never a dull moment with the two of them.”

And as for her club;

“This is my fourth season with Christies.”

Considering this is the only local club she has donned the colours of; it is not a surprise that most of her cherished memories involve the Saints;

“One of my favourite memories would be kicking my first goal for both the U18s and the B Grade but mostly winning the 2018, U18 Premiership.”

Brina has had her fair share of success, playing in two Grand Finals for Christies Beach U18s as well as spending three seasons as part of South Adelaide’s U17s team.

Her success doesn’t stop with local footy either. While with South Adelaide;

“I got to play in three Grand Finals for Souths’ U17s in which we won them all.”

However, back before she was busy impressing on the footy field, Brina was a basketball player and had been for two years before switching to football.

As for why she decided to make the switch;

“For me I felt basketball got boring and I wanted more physicality, more of a challenge and footy runs in my family.”

Considering she wanted more physicality, it’s no surprise that she chooses to play in the backlines or the midfield.

However, physicality is only one of the reasons why they’re her preferred playing positions;

“I love playing half back because it makes you look good if you kick goals, but I also love the midfield as that’s where the ball starts.”

Not only does Brina love the game and loves to represent her club alongside her teammates; whether she will admit it or not, she is also a very talented footballer.

In fact, even if she makes a mistake, she can quickly turn it into something magical;

“There was this one time when I was playing midfield and I was in our forward 50; I marked the ball and pushed back the wrong way, then I realised it was the wrong way so I turned and kicked a ripper of a goal.”

And through all of this; whether it’s playing for South or the Saints, she has always worn a guernsey that had the number four on it. With the exception being her first A grade game when she wore the very fitting number one.

“In the U18s I wore 24 and had different numbers at South but they’ve always had a four at the end.”

As for this tradition of the number four, it comes down to;

“The reason I like the number four is because, ever since I started playing a sport, you could pick a number and mines always been four, because my birthday is in the fourth week of December.”

And when she’s not busy on the footy field;

“Outside of footy, I like to socialise with friends and family; just hanging out and spending time with them as well as focusing on my future jobs.”

At the end of the day; Brina has a promising future ahead of her, both in and away from football.

With her high level of dedication and appreciation making her a valuable person in everyday life; she will not only continue to wear a guernsey with the number four on it in footy; but she will also continue to be the humble and just overall great person she is today.

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