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Caitlin Gogoll - Strength, Skills & Courage

"My advice would definitely be don’t stop. No matter how long it takes to perfect a drop punt or how many times it takes to land the right tackle, just don’t stop because the more you work at those things and the more you believe in yourself, soon you’ll be unstoppable."


How many players do you know of that have claimed the Most Courageous award two times in just three years?

For us, we only know of one such player that holds this impressive title; and that player is none other than Caitlin Gogoll.

However, this accolade is just one of the many impressive parts of this courageous and promising players career.

So, join us as we take a look at a very interesting and promising young Victorian’s career.

For starters, Caitlin has had her fair share of experience, considering that “next year will be my 5th year of playing, and I’ve played for the same club, Lavington Pink Panthers”.

Add to this, the fact that last season was the first time that she also donned the colours of the Murray Bushrangers; and it equals a rather experienced player for someone of her age.

But what has Caitlin been doing over these past few seasons?

Well, she has certainly been doing more than just simply playing; and that is because in 2016, “Lavington were Premiers” and likewise, in 2018 she also claimed the Best in Finals award.

And don’t forget the earlier mentioned Most Courageous awards, that she earned in 2017 and 2019.

However, there is another aspect of Caitlin’s career that deserves a mention and that is because it goes a long way in summing up the type of person she is.

And that aspect is the time she spent as the captain of Lavington in 2018.

And arguably, there is no better way to show what type of a leader she is, than what she says has been her favourite memory from football thus far;

“Probably being the 2018 captain of Lavington and becoming the underdogs; we were not favourited to be in finals at all, but we all worked really hard and made it to the granny.”

“Unfortunately, didn’t come away with the flag but it was great to see how far we could go.”

It takes a special and strong type of player to see the bright side of a Grand Final loss, but that is exactly what this positive player is.

Whether it is how she describes her time with the Murray Bushrangers;

“It’s challenging but very rewarding! It’s a very competitive environment but at the same time the coaches and bushies staff always have our best interest at heart, they really make you feel a part of the club.”

Or what she says is her favourite part about football;

“I think I love the fact that one person can’t win a whole game; every person on the field has to put in their fair share, I love the unity of the sport.”

It all helps to show just how positive her mindset and attitude is.

But there is much more to this halfback’s story than just this; and the more you look, the more interesting it gets.

For example, football is not the only sport she plays at the moment, as she is also a netball player;

“I struggled picking between the two sports but the more I’m around footy and the more I grow with it the more I love it.”

“Having a really encouraging coach for both sports do make it very easy to juggle both. I have only one day off a week because I train two nights a week for netty, two nights a week for footy, and play on Sunday and Saturday.”

The fact that she is still so positive despite having only one day off a week, further shows just how strong minded she is.

Likewise, that fact that off the field she is interested in going into “captive animal research. So, working in wildlife sanctuaries or zoos”. Means that it is also safe to add smart to a growing list of ways to describe this player.

But how exactly did this promising player even get into football to begin with?

“It was literally just an impulse decision. I saw the girls training at an oval near me and thought I’d go join. Best impulsive decision of my life.”

And through all of this success; she has had an equally promising player by her side, which is someone she would like to take some time to thank;

“I would definitely like to thank my girlfriend for always supporting me. She’s an amazing footballer and always encouraging me and teaching me.”

“We both played for Lavington Panthers then she moved away and she’s killing it up in Coffs Harbour.”

So, what is the next step for this courageous halfback?

“Honestly at this stage I’m just trying to be the best footballer I can be. Whether I stay at the TAC league or move further, as long as I know I’m putting in 100%.”

While she may not be certain of where her future can take her; we should still certainly keep an eye on this positive and courageous player.

And that is because, considering everything we have mentioned, when Caitlin is putting in 100%, she is capable of anything.


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