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Callie Wilson - Dedication & Passion


With school coming to an end and summer on the horizon; most youngsters would be forgiven for wanting to take it a little easier.

But in any case, there are exceptions.

And in this case, the exception is the very talented Happy Valley product Callie Wilson.

Now at a time when most people would be willing to rest; Callie is prepared to put in the hard yards for two of her beloved sports.

With these two sports being football;

“I started playing in the SFL trial season in 2016 for Happy Valley but that was only a few exhibition games. Happy Valley won the GF in the following year (first real U14 SFL girls’ season).”

“I have played for Happy Valley, Port Adelaide as part of the Port Adelaide NGA, South Adelaide FC U15s and U17s, under 16 State team (2019) and U15s All Nations team in 2017.”

And cricket;

“I play cricket for SDCC A Grade woman at the moment. I am also part of the SA U18s Squad. I started playing cricket in 2016 for Happy Valley with my brother’s team. Then in 2017/18 I played my first season for SDCC starting in B Grade women's.”

But we weren’t kidding when we said she was putting in the hard yards.

In fact, her weekly schedule at the moment looks something like this;

Mondays and Wednesdays are put aside for cricket, Tuesday’s are for football while Thursday’s are a combination of the two sports, and finally Sundays are game days for cricket.

However, despite the workload, Callie wouldn’t want it any other way.

And this is because for her;

“I love the team atmosphere of footy; I have made new friends every season, and in every team, I have played for. I enjoy the feeling of wrenching the ball from the pack and hitting up a teammate in the forward 50.”

“In cricket I just love bowling fast, knocking over the stumps. I also enjoy it when I get the ball out of the middle of the bat too, although that doesn’t happen as much as I would like; I really enjoy the team first attitude in cricket too.”

And it is this enjoyment of the two sports that pushes her to keep playing them both for as long as possible;

“State cricket is on at the same times as South and they cross over a bit.”

Considering she is very promising at both sports; maybe one day she’ll have to choose but understandably she’s “not ready to pick yet”.

“Maybe one day but not looking forward to that day.”

Dedication in sport is a must; and as for Callie, this dedication has led to some pretty great achievements already;

“U14s Happy Valley B&F 2017, U16s Happy Valley B&F 2018 & 2019. SANFL Juniors U16s Division 2 Best and Fairest 2019.”

And with most of these achievements; the Happy Valley Football Club played a major role;

“Happy Valley made footy fun for me and that made me want to keep playing. The girls who I started playing footy with I still play with today and they are some of my closest friends.”

“They really look after their female footy players at Happy Valley. There are lots of girls playing for South from Happy Valley next season including my sister.”

But it hasn’t only been club level that Callie has been succeeding in.

And that is because Callie is a part of the South Adelaide Football Club Development Pathway and has recently been promoted to the senior list;

“It’s been great. I've learnt so much and the coaching has been awesome. I really enjoyed the team atmosphere and it's been such an honour to be a part of a successful women's program.”

But not only has this dedication paid of in terms of achievements; but it has also given Callie some cherished memories;

“My favourite memory in footy was going to Mt Gambier for state; and getting to all know new people throughout the teams I have played in.”

“My favourite memory in cricket is winning the 2nd grade women’s Grand Final last season.”

And on the back of a pretty impressive sporting career; her goals for the future seem very achievable;

“My goals for footy is to get a few games with the South women's team. And for cricket in hoping to get into the state 18s team and go to Tasmania.”

So, it is pretty safe to say that Callie has a high level of dedication and passion; but she also has a high level of gratitude for her teammates and those who have helped her along this great journey;

“Luke Hartley and Ryan Skully, they have been my coaches at South, and I wouldn't be where I am today without them.”

“But especially my parents, they drive me around everywhere for all my sport and I couldn't do any of it without them.”

And as for her teammates;

“They are all amazing and I love playing with all of them.”

Before we said that dedication was a must in sport and Callie is a great example of what hard work can lead to.

With a great amount of success along with her skills and mentality; it is safe to say that she will add a lot more accolades to her name as her sporting career continues down a very bright path.



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