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Casey Griggs - the Passionate Prospect

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

“If you’re willing to put in 100% there is a very promising future for you. Have your own kind of game and be yourself, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”


The Australian Capital Territory has had no shortage of talent, with the ACT providing the AFLW with a considerable number of draftees in 2019 alone.

And looking forwards to 2021, there also seems to be a few players from the capital that will also get the call up to the AFLW.

But what about much further down the line?

Well it seems that we may have found a very bright part of the ACT’s footballing future, a young Eastlake prospect by the name of Casey Griggs.

Casey’s passion for the game is unquestionable, but how did she get interested in the sport to begin with?

“Well honestly ever since I was around four or five I was kicking the footy, my neighbours got me into following the swans but never really thought about playing because I didn’t think girls were allowed to play because I had never seen girls play before.”

“But what got me into playing was one of my family friends AFL team needed someone to help the team out, and they asked if I wanted to play.”

“And sure enough, I played and haven’t looked back since. Greatest decision I have ever made.”

It is this same high level of passion that has seen Casey put in heaps of hard work, not just to help develop her own game but in order to help her own side as well.

With the club as a whole and the support behind the team being one of the main aspects of football that she loves the most.

“The community that comes around to support us girls and even when playing with the boys you see the same amount of support.”

“But not only that but being able to support your own team to a win and helping them and yourself to be the best you and they can possibly be. And the satisfaction of a win after putting in 100%.”

While it is safe to say that she certainly has the passion for the sport, she has also been steadily gaining experience.

She first began playing club football three years with the Westin Creek Wildcats, where she remined until the end of the 2019 season.

Now, 2020 marks her first season with her new club, the Eastlake Demons.

While playing the sport you love is one thing, managing to find success within it is another, and lucky for us, Casey has managed to do both.

Arguably one of the biggest accolades to her name, is the fact that she “was the first girl in the ACT to ever be a part of the squad for the boys/mixed ACT School Sport team”.

However, as remarkable as this is, it is far from her only football achievements.

As she has won multiple club awards and she also reached both the 50 and 75 games played milestone last season, she also managed to boot 50 goals during last season as well.

And as if that wasn’t enough, “last year I was the youngest on the U15’s ACT AFL side at the age of only 12. I was also the ACT’s Best and Fairest in 2018 and last year I was fifth in the ACT’s Best and Fairest”.

Along with getting selected to play her milestone game, getting the opportunity to represent the ACT is still one of Casey’s favourite footballing moments.

It was “absolutely amazing. Best experience I have ever had”.

“Only being 12 and playing with 15-year old’s and getting that experience from the other players was pretty crazy. I played pretty well and loved every second of it and would do it again in a heartbeat.”

All of these achievements are all thanks to the immense work she has put in, work that she was motivated to keep doing thanks to her overwhelming love and passion for the game.

And this is arguably Casey’s greatest quality, as it is this same passion that will see her continue to work hard and develop even more in the future.

And after talking with her, it has become evident that it is this same passion that has seen her remain very gracious and humble, as she hasn’t forgotten about those who have helped her along the way.

“I would like to first of all, thank my parents for driving me to every game and never giving up on me.” And “Leo Lahey for helping me with everything I needed and supporting me and giving me all the experiences I could possibly have”. Also, “Chappo (my coach in 2017-18) for being one of the greatest girls to coach me. She helped me to believe in my dream of playing AFLW and that it was possible”. “And I can never forget all my AFL girls who helped support me and cheer me on. Love them all.”

And this passion has also seen her look up to some of the girls that she has gotten to play alongside with over the past few years.

I “definitely loved playing alongside Charlotte Marshall, Ashlea Weston and Eliza Roberts. All very big role models for me”.

So, what is next for this promising forward pocket?

Well her goals are “definitely to make the ACT U14’s rep squad this year, make ACT NSW U16’s rams. To get into the SESA squad for Canberra and NSW”.

Considering that she is certainly prepared to put in the hard work to get there, these goals are rather achievable for young Casey.

And if she continues to love the game, well anything is possible.


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