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Casey Wynne - the Dream

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

“Surround yourself with teammates who make you happy. Train hard to get better and on game day enjoy yourself. Don't overthink it. You'll play better when you're enjoying yourself and just playing footy. And never give up on your dreams no matter what anyone says.”


How far would you go to chase your dream?

More often than not; most of us would do the bare minimum and hope for the best. However, in the world of football, this just won’t cut it.

To chase your dream in the world of football, you must be prepared to do extra trainings, take any opportunities and learn at any chance you get.

And while we have covered several players that fit this bill; promising player Casey Wynne takes it too the next level.

This is because “I recently made the move to attend boarding school in order to play with the Southport Sharks up on the Gold Coast this year as I wanted to play higher level footy, whilst also being a part of the Suns Academy”.

While this shows an immense level of dedication and passion from Casey to be prepared to do this to chase her dream; it also marks a new chapter in a very impressive journey for humble youngster.

And this is because, for the past six years Casey has been achieving success on the footy field; which makes her decision to move away even more understandable.

Even from the beginning, her football career seemed not only interesting but also special.

“I started at the North Coffs Kangaroos for a year until they joined forces with South Coffs Swans to form the Coffs Harbour Breakers.”

“I played with the boys for three years until a youth girls’ side was established. So, I was 13 in an U17 youth girls side.”

The fact that she was 13 and playing in an U17 side shows just how prepared she was to play the game she loved. But even from the early years, she was finding a considerable amount of success.

“In U11 boys I was awarded the Most Consistent player, in U13 boys I was awarded the Best and Fairest. In youth girls I was awarded the Best and Fairest.”

“In the first two years of youth girls for the Coffs Breakers I was lucky enough to captain the girls to a Premiership in the first year.”

“And in the second I was Vice-Captain and Best on Ground in our Premiership match.”

As impressive as all this is; she was also earning spots in representative teams as well.

“I have played for North Coast Youth girls and the North Coast Academy of Sport where I was awarded Most Outstanding Athlete for AFLW.”

As well as the “NSW combined independent schools U15 schoolgirls team and NSW U15 schoolgirls where I was awarded Best on Ground for our game against South Australia”.

“The Gold Coast North Sunsets and I was lucky enough to be chosen by NSW CIS and was awarded an NSW CIS Sporting Blue for my performance at nationals.”

Keeping in mind how much success she has had; it isn’t a surprise that she decided to move away in order to play at a higher level; because she certainly deserved a chance to play at a higher tier.

Unfortunately, even the best stories have their setbacks, and for Casey this setback came this year when “I was injured and missed majority of my games”.

“I had bruised bones and broken cartilage in my foot. But I have also been having chronic headaches with no explanation as to why.”

“I have had a couple of concussions so it may be related but I have had an MRI which was in conclusive and recently I underwent an EEG.”

However, as tough as this would be to go through, it didn’t dampen her spirit or her feelings towards her teammates.

And this is because one of her favourite memories was “definitely telling my Southport team after the Grand Final, although we lost, how much they all meant to me”.

“It had been a tough year; I had moved away from home to pursue footy and I was only 15 at the time. I had been injured majority of the year and to have people to count on away from home meant to world to me.”

“And being able to express that to them was a great feeling.”

Similarly, another fond memory of the humble player was “the last game I played for Sunsets North on the sunny coast”

“It was after a rough season due to injury and I felt like myself again, I felt as though I played good footy then, and I got to share it with my teammates.”

“It was tough, I missed a lot of school and my grades dropped because of it. But my teammates and my family were extremely supportive. That's why the game with Sunsets North was special to me, because I felt I performed well.”

While it would take a strong and passionate player to be able to stay positive through several injuries; it isn’t a surprise when considering just how much football means too her.

“I love the people I meet through footy; I always feel happy when I'm with them. We help each other not only through games but things in life.”

“Footy is also something that my dad and I bond over and we both enjoy talking about it watching about it and everything to do with it.”

“When I'm playing or training I don't think about anything else other than footy and my footy mates. It helps keep me calm especially through exam periods and when I miss home.”

And some of these footy mates in particular are “Giselle Davies and Annise Bradfield (Southport), Ellie Decker (Breakers) and Amber McRae (Breakers)”.

“They're all great leaders and put a lot of effort in during games.”

“They're encouraging and want to help others improve while they improve themselves. They're all selfless players.”

While this also shows a high level of gratitude from Casey, there are also some other people she would love to thank for helping her while she chases her dream.

“Definitely my dad, he supported me from day one when I wanted to play footy, as the only girl in the team. He has always volunteered and made an impact on the team. He coached me at the Breakers and lead the girls to two premierships. He kicks the footy with me at home whenever I need him to.”

“And my mum. She was the same she was president and the youth girl’s manager of the breakers because she knew how much it meant to me. They always wanted to help out and they put a lot of effort in behind the scenes.”

“All my coaches are legends; they help me improve as a player. But the U17s coaches at Southport, Ty and Paul were so dedicated to the team.”

“Paul would pick me up from school multiple times a week to take me to the physio as my parents didn't love near me. And Ty would pick me up whenever I asked him to. They're legends!”

“And the Davies family, they do so much to help me with my footy, they feed me quite frequently haha, they make me feel at home and they also help me make decisions Important to my footy, they are like a second family to me. I love spending time with them because they bring out the best in me and I'm happy when I'm with them.”

“I would also like to mention my sister Jaclyn and my friends Juliette and Ellie. They aren't footy people, but they always support me and have my back. They're real ones and I love them big time.”

However, all of this does sound like it can be overwhelming at times, but luckily there is another sport she uses as a getaway from football.

And while she has had experience with surf-lifesaving, it is basketball that is her second sport.

“I love basketball because it's fun and I play it with my mates. Sometimes footy can get very serious and it's nice to just have fun whilst playing.”

So, bearing in mind everything we have said; what is next for Casey?

“My short-term goals are to make the academy team that plays in Melbourne this year and be selected to the Queensland U18s side.”

“This year I'd be really happy if I could have a good, injury free year! Long term I'd like to play in the QAFLW in 2021 and be picked up in the draft and AFLW on the coast whilst also becoming a paramedic at Uni.”

Considering she wants to become a paramedic because “I like helping people. I am a very hands on person and I honestly couldn't do a desk job. Knowing that I could possibly make a difference in someone's life for the better would be a very rewarding feeling”.

It also helps show just how gracious and passion she really is; both on and off the field.

However, at the end of the day, we will be sure to keep an eye on her; because if Casey has taught as anything, it is that she is prepared to do anything to achieve her dream.

And it wont be too long until her dream becomes a reality.

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