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Casie Coombe - Heart & Soul

"I advise anyone new or thinking about giving footy ago to go out and be yourself. Football is such a welcoming sport to anyone and has many benefits."

In regard to the great game of football; you usually only get out of it what you put in … or is it you get what you give?

Anyway, in both scenarios a prime example of this is Christies Beach’s very own Casie Coombe.

This is because Casie has put nothing but heart and soul into her rather new football career.

“From a young age I’d wanted to give footy a go, but I was too devoted to my soccer. But at the start of 2018 I began losing passion for soccer; I couldn’t see myself growing further and achieving more than I already had.”

“A friend invited me out to Christie’s beach and from the first training session I loved it and knew it was the right decision to switch to footy. This season being my second year of footy, I haven’t looked back.”

Now, in most cases starting a new sport is difficult and Casie is no exception;

“I started later in the Christie’s preseason so only had a month or so to gain an understanding of the game. But I came to learn that the more I played the easier it was to pick it up.”

“It’s only this season I’ve properly understood the game and rules.”

“Skills were quite easy because of a young age I was kicking the footy around. In soccer I was a goalkeeper, so I was able to bring some of my goalie skills into footy.”

“I didn’t quite have the technique down pat last season; I didn’t really focus on it, so my kicks weren’t 100% accurate. So, this season learning the correct techniques was one of my main focusses. And I’d say that I definitely achieved that this season.”

However, it is here that Casie’s dedication and passion comes to light.

Despite having problems with learning the rules of the game;

“Learning the rules was probably the most difficult for me. I’ve always followed footy but never knew the rules.”

Casie refused to just give up on a new sport and just by looking at photos; it becomes evident just how much her teammates came to appreciate the humble prospect.

Christies Beach U18 Premiers - 2018

So much so, that it became very tough for Casie to mention a player that she really enjoys playing alongside;

“The team is great; but I’d have to say Emily Brockhurst is one I really enjoy playing alongside.”

“She’s funny and always makes me laugh but she also knows when to be serious. She’s become a really strong player this season and I’ve enjoyed playing alongside her.”

But not only has Casie’s dedication and passion resulted in her becoming a much-loved part of the team, but it has also resulted in a considerable amount of success;

“I started in the Christie’s Beach U18’s in 2018; we won the Grand Final. Also played in the South U17’s development squad where we also won the Grand Final. Then this season I’ve just played in Christie’s A’s and B’s.”

This is rather impressive with the fact that Casie only began playing in 2018 and not only did she witness two premierships; but also gained a spot in South Adelaide’s Development squad.

“Pretty stocked with making it into the team with only one seasons experience.”

But considering her achievements following just two years of football; it isn’t a surprise that some of her goals going forwards are;

“A big goal of mine currently is to make it into a SANFLW team and debut. I hope to achieve that this year.”

“Another major goal is to develop my confidence on the field. I’ve definitely grown confidence this season, but it still sets me back and I still do doubt my abilities on the field a lot.”

“So, a major goal is confidence. Next season that will be my focus. But it can only be achieved through hard work on and off the pitch as well as dedication.”

The fact that Casie can identify and admit that confidence is an issue; adds respect to growing list of terms we can use to describe her.

But considering her passion and hard work, one can only assume that Casie will overcome this sooner rather than later.

With an impressive resume to her name and a bright future in footy ahead; Casie would obviously like to thank some of those who have helped her reach this point;

“I’d like to thank Andrew Brockhurst and Michelle O’Brien for all their support and help this season, on and off the field. I’ve really taken on every bit of advice this season and it has shown each week.”

“Another huge thankyou to Nicolle Gladdis, the Christie’s beach women’s trainer. I had a major injury towards the end of pre-season, and she helped point me in the right direction for what to do but also helped with my mental health.”

“She kept me focussed on the season and keep me on the straight and narrow. I can’t thank her enough for her work all season round. She’s worked so hard with the senior women.”

So, with dedication, respect and passion as well a nice amount of success after just two years of football. Casie will continue to prove to be not only an excellent player but also an excellent part of women’s football.



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