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Chelsea Howe - the Strathalbyn Product

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

“Definitely go out and go to the next level. Learn something new and always have fun doing what you love.”


Let’s take a look at the GSFLW Open Women’s 2019 premiers through the eyes of one of their up and coming youngsters.

Chelsea Howe has been playing at the Strathalbyn Football Club for the past two seasons.

In her own words;

“Strathalbyn is a very good club; everyone in it is so supportive and so nice and always welcoming to new players.”

Considering it is a “very good club”, it is fitting that Strathalbyn has been a huge part of her football life.

Whether it is her football success;

“I won the Roosters Award at Straths presentations and won our Strath grand final this year.”

Or some of her favourite teammates to line up alongside;

“I really enjoyed playing with Morgan Tucker, Tessa Grant, Emogen Johnson and Holly Wallace.”

It all seems to lead back to the Strathalbyn Football Club.

However, the red and white hasn’t been the only colours that the humble youngster has donned.

In fact, as a young local product; she has donned the blue and white of South Adelaide’s female development team.

And she doesn’t stop there either; as she played in South Adelaide’s U17s Premiership last year.

Having already step up a promising path after just two years of football; the thing that Chelsea loves most about football is;

“I just love the atmosphere of the crowd and being able to play with and meeting new people from different clubs.”

Going forwards however; the Strathalbyn product seems very grounded in her goals, taking one step at a time;

“Well I hope to play for South for a couple more years then see where that takes me. It would be good to play for the AFLW.”

And as for where she stands right now; facing a considerable bright path in football; she would like to thank Darcy Springhall for helping her reach this point;

“He is always willing to give you feedback on what you need to improve on or what you have done right. He always had time for everyone in the team and is the most supportive coach ever.”

With two years of valuable experience under her belt; and some of her most cherished memories from that time include being “the second highest goal kicker in U16’s and winning the Grand Final”.

It is no surprise that Chelsea loves the game that she has worked so hard to carve a path in.

And what better way to finish an article on an exciting and passionate player; than with wholesome words from the Strathalbyn product herself;

“Thanks to all the girls for an amazing season; and thank you to both Darcy and Ryan for all their hard work.”

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