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Chelsea Thomas - the North Hobart Product

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

"Keep at it even if you think footy isn’t for you, keep practicing because hard work does pay off and amazing opportunities will come your way."


Winning a premiership with your team would be at the pinnacle of most footballers playing careers but as history tells us, even some of the game’s greatest players never got to experience it.

Some players are lucky enough to experience a premiership victory early on into their footballing journey while others retire after reaching the ultimate glory for the first time, and then there’s Chelsea Thomas.

Chelsea has experienced more in just her first three years of playing football than what some could ever dream of because the promising midfielder has won three straight premierships with the North Hobart Demons, one premiership for every year that she has played.

Achieving a feat such as this only early into one’s footballing journey is “awesome, and such a great success to look back on”. But this is far from the only talking point of Chelsea’s young but rather promising football career.

In fact, all this footballing success came from just one simple decision, which was that she “just wanted to give footy a go, and I now love the sport”.

However, football was far from her first sport as she had played a range of sports growing up including gymnastics, athletics, soccer, swimming, basketball, and judo—with several of these helping explain how she managed to make an impact in football so early on.

But now her two main sports are football and netball, which “once you get the balance right, it isn’t difficult at all” to juggle.

'The Winning Feeling' - image kindly supplied by Chelsea.

As well as playing three years for three premierships, she has also had the same coach for those three years, Jim Ransom. Who Chelsea says has really guided and nurtured” her development over that time.

“My Dad, Jim Ransom and Nicole Bresnehan have all had a major impact on my footy career.”

This early development is shown through the two years that she has spent in the Tasmanian Devils squad—which she labels as one of her favourite footy moments thus far.

“It was an amazing opportunity to get recognised and being able to watch where I started to the footy player I am today.”

It is also at the Devils where she had Emma Humphries as coach. “She really pushed me, and I loved the challenge of it all, can’t wait for preseason.”

While it was a mixture of this guidance and Chelsea’s own skills and dedication that saw her gain a spot on the Devils side—it also saw her finish runner-up to the 2020 Beakley Medal.

But despite finding a lot of success in just three years, it is safe to say that Chelsea has remained very humble, which shows that she has a great mindset as well as great skills. This is why she describes her time with North Hobart as “being with a great bunch of girls and being surrounded by people pushing you to become a better footy player”.

And Chelsea has certainly started on the right path, as she has finished runner-up to North Hobart’s Best and Fairest for the past three straight years.

So, what is next for this promising North Hobart product?

After making the simple decision that she wanted to start playing football, her eyes are now firmly set on getting “drafted and playing in the Women’s AFL”.

It is always hard to say for certain where a player could end up, but if her next three years are anything like the past three, then Chelsea Thomas is in for a very successful and bright footballing journey.

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