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Cheyenne Hammond - the Humble Hammo

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

She has been in the SANFLW Team of the Year twice; played in two SANFLW premierships and was awarded the Best on Ground during one of them.

Yet if you are lucky enough to one day meet Cheyenne Hammond; you wouldn’t even be able to pick it.

In fact, Cheyenne holds all the qualities of a professional footballer with the exception of the negatives. In other words; she is an exceptional player but she’s not arrogant because of it.

When she’s out there playing; her fast pace and reliable kick make her a force to be reckoned with and god help you if you’re trying to outrun her.

But when she’s off the field; she is a very kind and humble person who sells strawberries for a living.

Most people today would know Cheyenne as the terrific rebounding defender.

However, whether she will admit it or not; she was quite a successful soccer player before making the switch to footy.

“I played soccer for 10 years. I started playing for South Adelaide Pink Panthers and then got selected for state. I went away for state a few times to Coffs Harbor and then played in Canberra a few times.”

And her soccer career didn’t just stop there;

“I then travelled to Fiji to play soccer for South Australia over there for a tournament. My biggest achievement in soccer was being signed for Adelaide United and I made my debut in February in 2017 winning against Sydney FC.”

But for Hammo, she felt like it was time for a change; and football supporters can thank another impressive player for convincing Cheyenne to make the switch.

“Well when Elke started playing football it made me want to play.”

“And I really wanted to try something different because I was getting kind of bored of soccer and wasn’t really going very far with it anymore. I’m so glad I made the switch!”

And the rest is history; it doesn’t take much to see that it was the right decision for the humble defender.

“I’ve been playing footy for three years now, I started off playing for Willunga football club.”

“Then I trialled for South Adelaide and I’ve played two seasons for South and won two premierships with them.”

Considering how much she has achieved in just three seasons of football; it is no surprise that she has already made some favourite memories;

“Probably getting in the SANFLW team of the year two years in a row has been a huge deal for me because I wasn’t expecting them at all. Also winning a second premiership with the mighty Panthers.”

Not only did she play in two premierships but her performance in the 2018 SANFLW Grand Final saw her receive the Best on Ground award.

She finished the match with 22 disposals, eight marks and five tackles so it wasn’t much of a shock that she received the honour; in fact, probably the only person who didn’t think she was going to receive the award was Hammo herself;

“Oh man, it was so unexpected! I thought someone like Nikki Gore, of Hatchy would get it, so when they called my name out, I was in such shock! But I felt so honoured and grateful to receive the Best on Ground award, especially in the grand final. It has to be one of my best sporting moments ever!”

But despite all this success; the fan favourite is still so humble. Transforming from a superstar on the field to a laid-back person off the field.

Just to show the humbler side of Cheyenne; she holds her teammates and club in a higher regard than her own success;

“South is just such a comforting team and club and they welcome everyone with open arms which is what I love about the club.”

“I really enjoy the morale around everyone in the team. It’s such an amazing environment to be around. Like if you make a mistake everyone gets around you and supports you instead of getting angry that you didn’t make the kick.”

And if that wasn’t wholesome enough;

“I absolutely love playing alongside everyone! Everyone plays such an important role, and everyone is a pleasure to play with.”

Just as she enjoys playing alongside all her teammates; her tremendous pace and awareness makes her enjoyable to play alongside.

With her fast pace, humble mindset, impressive skillset and iconic ponytail; it all adds up to make her a great player and an absolute joy to watch.

However, the ponytail isn’t without its own problems;

“My ponytail was pulled in a game last year.”

“It hurt a little bit, but I found it really funny.”

Despite her fast pace making her ponytail an easy target; Hammo loves to run.

Which is fitting considering Cheyenne is a valuable part of South Adelaide’s rebounding ability;

“Well I think some of the coaches last year saw that I liked running, so they put me on the half back flank, and I’ve stayed in that position ever since. In soccer I played a similar role in defence also.”

With a great footballing ability and the accolades to match, going forwards for the young gun;

“My long-term goal would be to play AFLW. And my short-term goals are to improve my kicking and to be cleaner with my hands.”

And when she isn’t hard trying to improve her already great skillset;

“I work in a cafe/market hall/strawberry farm in Mount Compass. And I make coffee’s and sell our delicious strawberries when they are in season.”

Which I will admit is a great piece of advertising; however, it isn’t as good as the advice she would like to give to fellow players;

“My advice would be to always give 100% at training and games! If you don’t get a game stay positive and keep pushing hard because your time will come. And just be yourself.”

And that “be yourself” part may be why Cheyenne seemingly goes from superstar player to a wholesome strawberry farmer as soon as she steps off the field.

But strawberries aside; with her dedicated and passion, Cheyenne is destined to do great things even though she won’t admit it.

And as she continues down this very bright path that she has worked so hard to get on; she will remain the same kind girl she is today; because not only is Hammo an exceptional player and she is also an exceptional person.

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