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Chloe Forby - Together We Fly


As most would know; the Woodville-West Torrens didn’t have the best inaugural season, but they did come close to winning on a few occasions.

But despite not getting a large amount of success; it is not all doom and gloom at the Eagles camp.

In fact; the Eagles have quite a talented list and at times they showed what they were capable of.

And one such talented and proud Eagle is Chloe Forby.

For her;

“To be a part of such an elite environment was so rewarding and really helped me develop my football in all areas. Although we didn’t win a game the whole team still had passion and we didn’t put our heads down once.”

“Coming into such a well-built club environment was always going to be a bit daunting but they welcomed us and were very supportive of our women’s team which was great.”

2019 marks Chloe’s fourth season of playing football. And not only is she an inaugural SANFLW Eagle, but she is also a very proud and successful part of her local club, SMOSH West Lakes.

In fact, her four years of football has seen her achieve a remarkable amount of success;

“For SMOSH we got two premierships in a row, that was 2016, 2017. I got Best and Fairest for SMOSH in 2016, 2017, 2018. State team 2016, 2017, 2018 I was captain.”

And not only have these two teams given her a great amount of success but also, great memories;

“My favourite memories from my career so far would be winning back to back premierships for SMOSH and making my debut for the inaugural Eagles women’s team alongside my close friends.”

And some of these close friends and amazing people she has played alongside include but is not limited to;

“My captain for Eagles Stephanie Walker, she was my biggest influence. She is an amazing player and has great football knowledge that she shared with me. She was a great leader and helped me better my football.”

“Jaimi Tabb, who has become one of my best friends and a person that I aspire to become.”

And with this high level of appreciation; it isn’t a surprise that friendships are one of the aspects of football that Chloe loves the most;

“I love the physical contact being able to tackle. I Love being in a team environment and part of a great club culture which is what we have a SMOSH and at the Eagles. I enjoyed making new long-life friendships and being able to play with my close friends.”

Chloe with fellow talanted Eagle and close friend Jaimi Tabb

But not only is Chloe a proud Eagle; but she is also a proud Lion. With the previously mentioned fact that she has spent the past four seasons donning the club’s colours.

And with this in mind; she is able to give a great insight into the Lions camp;

“At the start of the season we didn’t think we would even have a team and now we are playing in the Grand Final on the weekend.”

“We have built such a great culture around the club and we have lots of opportunities throughout the season like trainings at the crows and had many AFL players come and help with training which has been memorable.”

Chloe Forby obviously has great talent, if her sporting background is anything to go by. But not only is she skilled; her love of the game and appreciation of her teammates means she has a great team first attitude.

And it is this great mentality that is show through her goals for the future;

“My goals for my future in football would be to play at the highest level I can. To be a role model and to continue working on my leadership skills and to keep developing and learning the skills of the game.”

And considering she collected 44 disposals and averaged nearly six tackles a game in the seven SANFLW matches she played this season; the sky is really the limit for Chloe.

With her hard-work and passion beginning to pay off; there is one person in particular that she would like to thank;

“Tess Baxter my coach for Eagles has made a massive impact on my career as she has given me to opportunity to play in the SANFLW. Tess is very knowledgeable, and she has taught me so much about football. I really appreciate everything she has done for me and I can’t thank her enough for it.”

With an impressive four years of football already under her belt; along with a great mentality and love of the game.

Chloe has many more years of football left to play and we can only assume that it is simply going to get bigger and better for the talented Eagle.



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