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Colbie Frankland - the Student Athlete

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

“I would tell them not to give up sport. I have a few friends that have given up sport due to study and have regretted it. I find it very useful to do both as I can use sport as a break from all my university work.”


Playing football demands a high level of dedication and commitment. Having to train two times a week in addition to the actual match itself. All this on the top of having to cope with the busyness of everyday life.

Now what if everyday life includes the pressures of studying at university as well as having to work two jobs?

For the answer, look no further than Colbie Frankland, as this is the case for her.

Having just completed her season with the Woodville – West Torrens Football Club in the SANFLW, she has returned to her local club, Christies Beach.

On top of this, she is currently in her second year of university where she is studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and a Bachelor of Art.

As if that wasn’t enough, Colbie currently works two jobs in-between all of this.

Despite all the stuff she does, whether that be sport, study or work. For Colbie, it is “pretty good. Everything is going well and couldn’t be happier.”

To the untrained eye, it may seem strange to put yourself under so much pressure with sport, when you’re already so busy with everyday life.

But for Colbie, the reason is simple;

“It gives me something to do in my spare time and is a good outside option to give me a break from work and university commitments.”

Sport is just a great way to escape the problems of everyday life for Colbie and many more like her. In the words of the student athlete herself;

“I love sport, always have. It is just the enjoyment and hearing how much you’re improving is always a positive. It is also the people you’re with the makes it a great atmosphere. I love team sports where everyone has an input and can work together to succeed.”

Considering she loves sport; it is only fitting she has the resume to back it up.

Before football, Colbie was an avid swimmer and was quite a successful netball player, with her career stretching 11 years.

For football, 2019 marks her fourth full season of playing; having previously played for Woodville South in a 9-aside competition back in 2014.

From there, Colbie made South Adelaide’s under 16 side, where she played in the 2015 and 2016 seasons. She then joined the Christies Bach Football Club in 2016, where she currently resides.

Playing sport is one thing, actually succeeding at it is another. For Colbie, she has done both.

When asked on her success, the humble player simply replied with;

“Literally, probably too much to name.”

When questioned further however, Colbie’s achievements and success include;

“A few premierships or finalists, a few Best and Fairest, a Best All-Rounder and runners-up to the Best and Fairest.”

“They were all for either netball, Gaelic or footy.”

However, she does have some favourite memories from her career so far;

“I got the Best and Fairest in my inters team (under 17s), Best and Fairest in my seniors’ team and I got the Best Inters Player for the whole association, all in the same season.”

“I made the state women’s team in 2018 for footy and for netball, I made the Great Southern Netball Academy team in 2015.”

Arguably, the most remarkable achievement comes from her Gaelic career;

“My first year of Gaelic I won the Best Under 21 Player in the League and this year, I managed to make the GFHASA Women’s Team of the Year.”

The student athlete has a few people who have helped support her under the immense pressure of working, playing and studying;

“My coach Chooky has had a major influence on how I view myself as a player and she encourages me and believes in what I can do.”

“My family is also supportive of my footy, they always want me to succeed and do well.”

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