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Ella Little - a Successful Seven Years

"If you put the work in, it will be all worth it in the end. Enjoy it and be grateful for the opportunities. Always thank your parents and family for everything they do for you."


A lot can happen in seven years of football; some players will have risen to the top while others have simply fallen. The mature leaders will have long retired and a completely new bunch of players will have taken their place.

Yes, a lot can happen in seven years and for Glenelg youngster Ella Little; those seven years have been spent learning and developing into the promising player that she is today.

With seven years of football under her belt already; she is by no means short of experience; having donned the colours of the Mt Burr, Millicent and Glenelg Football Clubs over the years.

And at the forefront of her recent exposure is the earlier mentioned Tigers, who she has a very fond opinion on;

“The girls there are so supportive and friendly. Absolutely love it; a really good, awesome environment.”

However, along with Glenelg; Millicent has also played a big role in her development and she has grown into a very valuable player for the club.

Best shown through the fact that she claimed Millicent Football Club’s Most Dedicated award in 2018 and she also claimed their Most Consistent award for the 2019 season.

But considering her experience and huge potential; it isn’t a surprise that these are far from her only achievements from football thus far.

In addition to the three years she has spent with Glenelg, she also earnt a spot in the 2019 LCWFL Team of the Year and a spot in the SA Country Murray South East Zone Team.

Likewise, she also experienced premiership success with Mt Burr in 2017 and arguably the most impressive accolade, is the fact that she was a part of the 2019 “Crows Academy Elite Talent Squad”.

So, with a lot to choose from, what has been some of her favourite memories from the past seven years?

“Definitely winning a Premiership in 2017; being selected in the Crows Academy and having the opportunity to play a few curtain raisers.”

For her, the Crows Academy “was the most amazing experience, and I am so grateful that I was a part of it. It was so special to meet so many new friends and to be in a professional environment with Chelsea Randall and a few other AFLW players”.

But despite being in a very promising position, she hasn’t let that get the better of her, as she still finds time to thank those for have helped her reach this point;

“I would like to thank my Dad and Pa for driving four hours up to Adelaide and back all those times. My amazing coaches Lexia Edwards, Reece Duncan, Doug Lang, Cameron Haggett, Maurie Puiatti, and Justin Muhovics.”

While all this shows how much gratitude she holds, the fact that she travels the four hours for games and trainings also shows just how dedicated and passionate she is, as well as the great support she has from her family for helping her do such a thing;

“I find that travelling to Adelaide for games and trainings is quite enjoyable as I get time to bond with my Dad and my Pa. I also get to train and play with my friends and teammates in Adelaide which is great.”

“However, travelling to Adelaide all the time can be very tiring and can affect my schooling. Luckily I have time on the way to sleep and do some homework if I need to.”

But her father plays a bigger role than just driving her to games, and that is because it was him that got her interest in football to begin with;

“My dad played footy out at Mount Burr Football Club and he would take me out to training, and I would join in with the Under 11s Boys team. I absolutely loved the competitive nature. I then went on to play under 11s from the age of 9 to around 11 where I was the only girl in the competition.”

So, with an impressive seven years under her belt, it does beg the question of what is next for Ella?

Well, her “goal is to play footy at the highest level possible”.

And considering she has great skills and a great mindset to match; the sky is pretty much the limit for Ella. In seven years from now, she may be the one of those at the very top.


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