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Ellie Decker - Passion, Potential & Promise

“The best advice I live by would be to never stop chasing what you want in footy and in life. If you go 100%, 100% of the time, the world will start opening doors for you. And I know this because it is happening for me.”


Here at Minutes with Moose, we love stumbling upon highly promising and highly passionate players, as a matter of fact it is arguably what we are known for the most.

Which is exactly why when we came across young Ellie Decker, we just had to put the spotlight on her promising football journey.

As always, there are a few ways to determine a player’s potential, with experience, leadership and success being the three main categories that we use. And for Ellie, well she manages to tick all these three boxes.

For starters, this young gun has been playing football for six years, and currently dons the red, white and black of the Sawtell/Toormina Saints.

“I just started playing in the gala days in primary and as soon as a girls team started on the coast I was in.”

And ever since then, this ruck rover has been developing into an extremely promising prospect for women’s football.

With the experience side covered, lets move on to success, and lucky for us Ellie has had no shortage of it, as 2018 saw her play in a Premiership with the Coffs Harbour Breakers.

And to this day, the Premiership is still one of her favourite memories from her sporting career thus far.

“Definitely the highlight for me would be playing the Grand Final in 2018, being behind by five and then my teammate gets a mark and we win 20-19, with 30 seconds left on the clock.”

However, this is not the only accolade to Ellie’s name, as she has previously played regionals in the under 15s and has also made the North Coast Academy for the past three years.

“Being in the Academy has been so good for me to develop my skills and meet new people. I have loved every moment of it and have been getting so many amazing opportunities through the program.”

So, with quite a bit of experience under her belt as well as time spent developing in the North Coast Academy, what about the final box which relates to leadership?

Well Ellie Decker was in fact the Vice-Captain of the previously mentioned representative team that she played in and she has also Captained her club side.

But remarkably, she takes her leadership to the next level, as she has recently “been offered a job for AFL North Coast” and is now a coach for them.

And coaching is now a potential career path for Ellie.

“It has been really great to develop more knowledge over the sport through coaching and I suppose if I didn’t end up as an AFLW player, I would definitely be looking more into coaching.”

Even if she doesn’t choose to go into coaching later on, at least holding such a position now will work wonders in terms of her own individual development, especially within showing leadership on the footy field.

But despite the leadership, success and experience, the best aspect of Ellie would easily be her passion.

As this humble player simply enjoys playing the game that she loves.

“I love how free I feel when I go out and play, nothing else matters on that field except the thrill of being able to play.”

And it is this same passion that has seen some of her favourite memories from her football career include “playing my first ever footy game and kicking the first goal of the game” as well as “meeting great friends through the different teams that I have played for”.

And this passion is also why she has one very special person in particular that she would like to thank for impacting her footy career.

“My mum. She has always supported everything with my footy and I owe all the motivating talks and trips around the coast to her. She is my biggest role model and I am so thankful to have her support with my footy.”

So, what is next for this very promising prospect?

“I would absolutely love to make state this year, but even further then that a career in AFLW would just be a dream.”

“It is definitely hard work, but it is so worth it at the end of the day because I get to play what I love so much.”

Considering her high level of passion and her great attitude, if she continues to put 100%, she could certainly one day fulfill her dream.

And not just because she ticks all the boxes when it comes to potential, but just simply because she is a highly promising and passionate player.


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