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Ellie Hampson - the Queensland Product

'Some advice would be to try put less pressure on yourself to perform and just enjoy yourself, you will always play your best footy when you are having fun!'


The 2020 AFL Women’s season saw the addition of four new teams, out of which the Gold Coast Suns would prove to be the best performer.

As with any new team, the inclusion of the Suns saw many players get to experience AFLW level football for the first time – and one of these such players was none other than young Ellie Hampson.

As an extremely promising Queensland product, Ellie was picked by the Suns as an U18 academy selection.

‘It was such a crazy unexpected thing; I had only figured out a couple of weeks before that we were even able to get selected early and then when I got the call I couldn’t believe it.’

This is rather impressive considering she had only began playing club level football a few years prior at age 16.

Ellie’s very first season was spent playing for the Hermit Park Tigers in Townsville where she would remain for two years before, in a massive show of dedication, she began ‘Flying in and out of Brisbane last year to play for Coorparoo’.

Her rapid development during the years that followed her first season has been mainly due to her own dedication, as well as some great support as well.

‘Everyone that has coached or supported me over the last few years have had a massive impact on my game and I can’t thank them all enough for where I am today.’

And where she is today is in a very promising position, because despite only beginning her football journey a few years ago, it certainly did not take her long to make an impact.

This is best shown through her performance last year as she was named the Most Valuable Player of the 2019 Queensland U18s.

‘It was such an honour and I miss it so much. The under 18’s program across the board was such a great experience and I enjoyed it so much. I was so lucky to be a part of it.’

Likewise, 2019 also saw Ellie get named in the backline of the U18 All Australian team – which makes 2019 an extremely standout year for the young Queensland product.

‘It was definitely not what I was expecting but I was super honoured and grateful for my final year of under 18’s.’

'The Winning Feeling' - image kindly provided by Ellie.

On the back of a standout year like this, it is no surprise that she caught Gold Coast’s attention. But unfortunately, Ellie would suffer an ankle injury a few weeks prior to Round One of this season, meaning that we would have to wait an extra week before we would see Ellie don the red and yellow.

‘It was a really interrupted debut with my injury, so I didn’t have much time to take it all in but the moment we ran out through the banner was a moment I will never be able to forgot, was one of the greatest experiences in my life.’

Obviously, her AFLW debut against Richmond during Round Two of the 2020 season has been her favourite footballing moment thus far – rivalled by only ‘When the Queensland u18’s girls beat Vic Country in 2018’.

This is very fitting as Ellie’s favourite thing about Australia’s game is ‘Definitely the amazing people and memories that you make’.

It was not a bad debut performance either, as Ellie would go onto collect seven touches and register five tackles during the Suns’ win. This debut performance would also set the tone for the rest of her season, as she would go onto play six matches in total, and average nine disposals and four tackles a match.

In her own words, her debut season with the Gold Coast Suns ‘Was an unreal experience – and I felt it helped me grow and mature a lot as a person outside of football’.

So, what is next for this promising Queensland product?

‘My goals are definitely to build a strong mindset and work really hard and get my fitness base up to hopefully be a solid AFLW midfielder.’

Ellie Hampson has come along way in just the past few years, and even now her football journey begins a new chapter as she will ‘Be playing at Bond University this year’.

But despite coming this far already, we are certain that, thanks to her dedication and passion, this bright Queensland product still has plenty more to give.

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