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Ellie Kellock - the Tiger


Let’s face it; Glenelg’s 2018 season wasn’t the most memorable. But fast forward a year and it is a completely different story.

2019 saw the Tigers storm into the finals on the back of three straight wins.

And they would have kept pushing towards the big dance if it wasn’t for some inaccuracy and just pure bad luck. As the Tigers fell agonisingly short of the Roosters, 4.1 (25) to 3.5 (23).

But despite falling short, the 2019 season had plenty of highs for the Tigers.

And one of these highs was the performance of their number eight; otherwise known as Ellie Kellock.

Ellie finished the 2019 SANFLW season with 142 disposals, 42 tackles and 32 marks collected over 11 matches.

Now given her experience this isn’t exactly a shock, with her first taste of football coming from an AusKick game she played with her brothers back in her hometown of Burra.

But it wasn’t until later that she played properly;

“I started playing in year 9 for Marymount college and the umpire asked if I wanted to play club and so I said yes because I’d do anything to get out of the boarding house on a Friday night; so I played for Morphies U18s then moved through to seniors for them to.”

And these years have seen the number eight witness the growth of the game firsthand;

“It’s grown heaps from when I started to now and I think the major thing has been the AFLW competition starting up."

All of this experience has not gone to waste; as Ellie has a literal list of accolades to her name;

2013 school knockout Premiership

2013 open girls school football Margaret Anderson Medal Best on Ground

2014 school knockout Premiership

2014 U18 youth girls SAWFL Premiership

2014 open girls school football Margaret Anderson Medal best on ground

2014 Div. 1 Premiership SAWFL

2014 B&F school football

2014 Runners up B&F Morphies

2015 school knockout Premiership

2015 open girls school football Margaret Anderson Best on Ground

2015 Div. 2 State Nationals Premiership

2016 SAWFL Div. 1 Premiership

2017 (coached) Immanuel senior schoolgirls Premiership

2018 GFCW Best Team Man

2018 GFCW Club Champion

2019 SANFL Statewide Super Women’s League Team of the Year

And on top of this; Ellie also played U18s state football from 2013 to 2015.

“I’ve been lucky enough to play in a lot of premierships, in school football, U18s Morphies, and open Morphies.”

But considering her love of the game; it is once again no shock just how good she has become at it;

“I love the physicality of the game, there’s no other game like it.”

Now let’s go back and have a look at Ellie’s beloved Tigers;

“Glenelg football club is like a family; we have had a rough few years starting out in the SANFLW but this year with a good foundation we moved up the ladder and found ourselves in the finals.”

“I think that has really determined our great culture we have now too, we have identified what we want as a club and it is resembled in each different team; women’s and men’s.”

This is a pretty accurate statement given the resurgence by both Glenelg’s men and women’s teams this season.

But throughout it all; the wins, the achievements and the highlights; there is one wholesome moment that really standouts for Ellie;

“Each game provides a memory that makes you want to play every day for the rest of your life.”

“However, one of my favourite memories would probably be running out onto the Glenelg oval with an absolute champion of a girl named Lily Wildash, she has Lupus which is a long-term autoimmune disease, where the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue.”

“She isn’t able to play footy or any of the sports she would love to play due to this and running out with her with a smile from ear to ear just showed me how something so little for us as players can mean so much to someone else.”

Just as Lily would hold a special place in her heart for those players; Ellie has a special place in her heart for all those who have helped her through her impressive footy career.

In particular these are;

“My mum and dad; they are super supportive of me and my footy career and I wouldn’t have been as successful as I have been without them.”

With the high level of passion that she holds for her club; obviously a main goal of hers is “to take home the premiership cup with Glenelg one day”.

Given the resurgence of the Tigers; they will certainly remain in the hunt for a SANFLW premiership.

Meanwhile, the humble Ellie’s tremendous skills will see her remain as an important part of Glenelg as their hunt continues.



Images: SANFL, The Ministry of Wow

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