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Emily Pease - the Bright and Mighty Magpie

'Just try your best, have fun and give it a go because it is such a great game. It’s super fun and you make lots of lifelong friends.'


The writing was on the wall for young Emily Pease. She was just one of two players from the Australian Capital Territory that made the 2017 U15 All Australian side—and since then, she hasn’t looked back.

And with six full years of footy experience under her belt, she has certainly developed into an exciting prospect.

But despite playing footy for a third of her life, it is far from the only sport that she played—in fact, Emily has a rather healthy sporting life that has included sports such as soccer, tennis, swimming, athletics and more recently, ultimate frisbee.

As for how a bright footballing prospect ends up playing ultimate frisbee, it is all because ‘My friend who I train with was playing with a couple of her work mates and they needed more girls because it is a mixed competition and she dragged me a long’.

Frisbees aside, athletics has proven to be very beneficial for her playstyle and has been ‘Really helpful’ in terms of her development.

… Especially the fitness side of things as I do a lot of middle-distance training.’

Considering the affect that athletics has had on her football, it is only fitting that she has also found some success within it as well.

With her athletics accolades including a third-place finish at Athletics Nationals in the heptathlon, as well as being crowned as the ACT and NSW Champion in heptathlon as well.

'Dual Athlete' - image kindly supplied by Emily.

Despite having experienced a range of different sports there is actually a rather simple explanation as for how she ended up strapping on the footy boots.

‘When I went into high school I made a couple friends who were already playing, and they told me to come along and try it out’.

And now her passion and dedication towards the game is unquestionable; with her favourite thing about footy being ‘The team aspect’

‘I know for me that having the girls around me is one of my favourite things.

‘… Just always having a super group and a fun group of people to be around. And knowing that they always have your back.

‘Also just playing is super fun and always enjoyable.’

But just as her love of the game is unquestionable, so is her loyalty and passion towards her home club, Belconnen—with this being simply shown through the fact that she has spent her entire footy career thus far donning their colours.

Time with which she describes as being ‘Absolutely amazing’.

‘… The girls I play with are so nice and supportive and the guys are really cool as well even though we don’t do too much together they are always there for you.

‘There is just a great culture around the club. The coaches are also super good and so helpful.’

It is also with the Magpies that she gained one of her favourite footballing moments, which was ‘The first time I got to play first grade.’

It was ‘A bit confronting … just because I had never played against adults, but I enjoyed every minute of it. My whole team were supper supportive’.

'Mighty Magpies' - image kindly supplied by Emily.

But as well as loving the club, Emily has also been finding success with them as she received their Elise O’Dea Rising Star award in 2018, as well as their Best in Finals award for first grade.

Club level aside, these performances also saw her get recognised and rewarded with a spot in the 2018 Diversity All Stars side which she describes as being ‘An amazing opportunity’.

‘… Because the program was really well organised, and they involved former players into it. It brought a really diverse group of people together and you got to learn about other people’s cultures and background.

‘This was very cool as I have New Zealand and American citizenship. And this dual citizen is also a dual representative of the NSW/ACT Rams—and she also went one further in 2019 as she also donned the colours of the Eastern Allies, which she says was an 'Amazing' experience.

'It was such a great opportunity for all of us. Having some of the GWS AFLW players helping out as coaches was amazing because they know so much about the game. It was also really good to play against the other states and see what the competition is like.

'The girls on the team were so supportive and made the whole trip really fun. All the NSW, ACT and Tassie girls all got along really well.'

And as a great sign of her gratitude, even throughout her rapidly growing footy career she hasn’t forgotten about those who have helped her, with thanks going to ‘Definitely my coaches, Troy and Scott.

‘They have always been so helpful to me and always wanted me to achieve as much as I can. They are like my second family. And my parents for the constant support and help.’

So, what is next for this bright and mighty Magpie?

Well when we first spoke to her, getting drafted was her dream—and she certainly has not hurt her chances as she as since made the NAB AFLW Academy.

And with her athletics background, willingness to learn and great mindset, it is only a matter of time before her dream becomes a reality.

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