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Emogen Johnson - Strathalbyn's Emmy

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

“My advice would be to keep sticking at it, and always be open to learn everything.”


Emogen Johnson, Strathalbyn’s very own Emmy; has enjoyed a very success football career considering she began playing the sport in February last year.

Originally from Keith, she began playing football because;

“A few friends were playing! And they didn’t have it where I used to live.”

Because football wasn’t an available option for the young gun; she has, by her own admission “played a fair few sports”.

These sports include;

“Water sports, table tennis, hockey, netball, basketball and a few more but for not as long.”

Given Emmy’s strong dedication; it’s not surprise that she tasted some success with these sports;

Winning “five premierships in sports other than footy. I can’t really remember but some tennis, basketball, hockey and netball.”

In football, the fast-paced player has already tasted a considerable amount of success given she’s only been playing for two years.

The humble Emmy was apart of Strathalbyn’s GSFLW Open Women’s premiership side in 2018 and played in South Adelaide’s 2018 U17’s premiership team.

Using her signature pace and a tendency to get into the thick of the action and get her own ball, she collected an impressive 84 disposals, 12 clearances and 19 tackles in her eight senior level games.

Also, when she did gain possession, she rarely wasted it; finishing off her first senior season with South Adelaide with a 60% disposals efficiency.

One of the most wholesome things is one of her favourite things about footy and that is “probably hanging with the team” because “they are so funny”.

For Emmy;

“South Adelaide is almost like a second home. Everyone is really welcoming and awesome! I love how punctual the club is whilst still having lots of fun on the side.”

Considering her feeling towards the club; it is only fitting that she is one of the supporters’ favourite players.

In fact, unknown to most and even Emmy herself; is that the South Adelaide cheer squad has given the number 45 a nickname of her own.

That being the nickname ‘Cartwheels’, in honour of an action she did after one of her first appearances for the side during one of South Adelaide’s senior trial matches.

Outside of football, there is lots of things to keep the promising player busy;

“Lots of schoolwork, cooking and travelling. But lots of things that keep me busy really.”

In fact, not only does she play football for Strathalbyn, but she also continues to play netball for the club.

With a high level of courage, immense pace and a very strong, team first mindset; the sky is the limit for this very talented and promising youngster.

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