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Georgia Harrington - the First Step

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

"I would say to girls that if you are passionate about playing football or another sport, you should play it regardless of your skills or what people say about you playing that sport. Everyone has to start somewhere."


Everyone has to start somewhere; whether that is the player or the club itself, we all have to take that first step.

And for Georgia Harrington, that first step turned out to be a beneficial one.

Despite taking a well-earned break from football this year; the Encounter Bay product burst onto the scene in her first season of football in 2018.

And because we believe that her first season of football is just too good to ignore; we thought we would reflect back on not just her first season of footy, but also country women’s footy as well.

How did Georgia get into footy in the first place?

“I have kicked the footy at school and lunch but never really played. I have played heaps of other sports so that’s why I got into it.”

And she isn’t joking when she says that she has “played heaps of other sports”. And this is because Georgia’s sporting career also includes time spent playing;

“Netball, basketball, softball and soccer. I have played touch footy through my school and tennis with my mum. I always used to be a state swimmer.”

But even with this much sporting experience under her belt; who would have thought that Georgia would manage to finish runner-up Best and Fairest for Encounter Bay and go on to play in the 2018 SANFLW U17s Premiership with South Adelaide in just her first year.

So, how did she manage to pull this off in her first season?

Well, we say it is because of her hard-work and passion; whereas she puts it down to;

“I wasn’t good at the start, but I was meant to be playing for the under 16s but on my first game they said I was too old and had to play with the opens. I had never trained or met any of the open women. It was really scary.”

“I think that’s why I picked it up fast cause I kinda had to.”

However, despite a “scary start”, Georgia managed to overcome this rather quickly and settled in to enjoy her first season of country footy;

“It was better than what I expected. I was a nervous for my first game, but I fell in love with it.”

“We didn’t win a lot of games, but we never let that get in the way of our spirit. We always encouraged each other and were there for each other if someone got hurt.”

“It was good. The team was really nice, and everyone worked together. It was like we had been playing there for ages.”

“We had the oldest women play in our team and she got the Best and Fairest. It was so good; I was so proud of her.”

However, as we previously mentioned, it wasn’t just the Bays that this humble midfielder played for, as her skills were recognised with a spot-on South Adelaide’s U17s list.

“So good. I was so excited. I was really shocked when they asked me to play.”

“It was amazing. Honestly such a good experience, I enjoyed it so much and everyone was so nice.”

“It was a step up. The training was harder, and the atmosphere was more intense. It was really good.”

And as for her coaches; well they “were amazing”.

So, considering all this, it is safe to say that Georgia’s first season of football was great to say the least.

So, what about country women’s footy?

Well, if our sources are correct; it is strong but still growing. With Strathalbyn being the prime example of its strength at the moment.

But from a player’s perspective;

“I loved the whole game. It was such a great opportunity for the girls as well.”

“It is definitely becoming more popular and more sponsors are becoming involved and a lot more women are being drafted.”

However, there is a possibility that country footy could be boosted by the return of Georgia;

“I definitely want to get back into it. I’m hoping to play again next season.”

Regardless of what happens, we can agree that her first step was a great one; and while taking a break, she has figured out that an agriculture teacher would be her go to career.

So, not only does Georgia have a bright journey in footy that, if she chooses to continue, will undoubtedly get brighter. But she has also carved herself a bright path outside of football.

As for country footy well, just like Georgia; that will continue down a very bright path.

Everyone has to start somewhere; and she is a great example of what that fist step can lead to.

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