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Georgie Cleaver - State Pride

A state representative: it is one of those accolades that stand out on a player's resume. For young prospects, gaining a state selection means that they have developed enough, or have enough potential, to be labelled as one of the best within their state.

In the football world, those selected into the state teams are usually the ones that are worth keeping an eye on the most. Either they have developed into an exciting prospect after years of playing – or they’re just a natural.

Regardless, it is not unusual to see sportswomen who have managed to represent their state in two different sports. However, it does take plenty of dedication, passion, and athleticism to achieve such a feat.

Then there is Georgie Cleaver.

Calling Georgie’s sporting life impressive would be an understatement. She has represented Western Australia in not one, not two, but three different sports.

At 16 years of age, Georgie has already donned the state colours for WA’s football, basketball, and netball teams.

“Representing WA in netball and basketball is extremely rewarding,” Georgie said when asked about this feat. “I am always very grateful for the opportunities and experiences that come along with it.”

'The Shark in Action' - this image was kindly supplied by Georgie.

Georgie is an accomplished netball player. Being quick on her feet and possessing a great awareness, this prospect was selected into the 2021 Australian under-17s netball squad and was picked for the WA under-17s state netball team in 2021 and 2022.

Today, she continues to play netball; however, playing three sports got too much for the WA talent so two years ago she gave up basketball.

Yet, even despite dropping basketball, this has not meant that Georgie’s sporting life has become easier to cope with since she has remained a high achiever in both football and netball.

“Sometimes it can get hard,” she said when asked how juggling the two sports have been. “Especially being in the season at the moment.”

“But I have such good support from my coaches and parents, so they help me manage my load and make sure I’m not overtraining.

Support has been something that this young prospect has been lucky to have throughout her sporting journey—which is fortunate because, although she has represented the state in three sports, she is still only 16.

Keeping this in mind, she would like to thank “both my parents for all their hard work of driving me to and from training as well as games and supporting me.”

“And my brother as he is a good role model, and I am continuing to follow in his footsteps.

'The State's Star' - this image was kindly supplied by Georgie (pictured right).

As for football, this exciting prospect has certainly had her fair share of experience. Her football started with AusKick at Rossmoyne Junior Football Club when she was 6 years old.

Then, after a stint at the Willetton Junior Football Club, she made her way to the East Fremantle Football Club in the Western Australian Football League Women’s (WAFLW) competition.

I’ve been at the club (East Fremantle) for a few years now and had my WAFLW debut last year.”

“They’re just such a supportive and understanding club. Especially this year with our new head coach, I have been very lucky to gain so much football knowledge and which helps me become a more confident player.”

Georgie credits her “love for the game” and her main “goal to become an AFLW player” as the reasons why she has managed to stick with football for just over a decade.

And from this past decade of football—it has been her most recent years that have made this prospect truly standout.

2019 started this trend of amazing seasons for Georgie as she was selected into the School Sport Western Australia (SSWA) under-15s football team. Then the following year she was picked for the 2020 WA state under-16s side.

Going from strength to strength, this crafty player was then selected to be a part of WA’s state under-17s side in 2021. Georgie was also picked as the Most Valuable Player from the 2021 WA School All-Stars Carnival.

'A Glimpse at her Future?' - this image was kindly supplied by Georgie (pictured left).

Refusing to rest on her current achievements, Georgie has taken things to another level in 2022.

For starters, the super Shark was selected into WA’s 2022 state under-18s squad and, in a sign of more good things to come, she was also picked for the AFLW Academy.

“Very fortunate to be chosen and super excited for this amazing opportunity,” she said about being picked for the AFLW academy. “I am very honoured to be named as one of six bottom agers and this allows for me to learn from the older girls.

Having represented WA in three different sports; Georgie has detailed her plans for what comes next.

“Definitely to have good Nationals and WAFLW games this year and hopefully get picked into the AFLW academy squad again for 2023.”

“Then in 2023, as that is my draft year, hopefully get drafted.”

Georgie Cleaver is a prime athlete. Possessing a high endurance, great agility, and a relentless work rate—all things that have helped her gain multiple state sections—she has become a prospect like no other.

What is as impressive is that she still has another year in the WAFLW competition before she can get drafted. If she continues down this bright path then we can safely say that, by the time she reaches draft age, she will be one of the top prospects within the country.

We can say it ‘safely’ because she is already close to holding that title now.

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