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Holly Wallace - the Mighty Rooster

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

"It’s okay if you don’t make it into teams at first; let that just push you harder for the next opportunity. If you really love the game just keep working harder and things will start to pay off.”

Whether she is donned in the red and white or the double blue; Holly Wallace will always push herself to be the best she can.

As a passionate and dedicated local product; she is quickly climbing the ranks and is working extremely hard to carve herself a bright path in football.

However, football wasn’t always her main choice, in fact;

“I started playing netball when I was seven and I am still currently playing. I then also took up cricket for a bit. I also play basketball, as well as Volleyball which is for a school team.”

“I started playing my netball in the city for Woods Panthers and Contax; winning multiple premierships; I played netball all year round.”

“I also got a premiership for Mount Barker Lutheran and got runner up Best and Fairest for the association and club. Then getting runner up Best and Fairest last year for Langhorne Creek.”

With a considerable amount of success in netball, plus a resume of multiple other sports; Holly could easily keep her sporting career at that, and it would still be labelled as impressive.

But luckily for female football; she was talented, dedicated and passionate enough to give the sport a go.

As for why Holly decided to try football;

“It was the first year that Strath was starting women’s football; so, I went out to the trainings because everyone was talking about it. My mum and dad also said to me that this was my chance to try a new sport.”

“Dad obviously talked me into it he was probably more excited about it than me at first. I did AusKick with the boys when I was younger but stopped for netball. Once I played my first game I just instantly fell in love with the game and knew I wanted to keep playing this sport.”

As for what it was in particular that she fell in love with;

“I love the game and everything about it. The whole physicality side, when you get a good tackle or kick it makes me feel like all the hard work is being rewarded. I also love the comradery around it all.”

And this comradery is shown through some of Holly’s notable mentions;

“I love playing with all of my teammates but It’s hard to go past Abbie Ballard she knows how to use the ball so well and also Chelsea Howe I love her determination.”

With Holly trying and then falling in love with the game; it is not a surprise that someone with her work ethic has been making the most of the new opportunities she has gained; with the Strathalbyn Football Club playing a major role within that.

And the rest is history; but it is history that is definitely worth mentioning.

As for Holly’s new but impressive playing career;

“I have played three seasons at Strath and also finished off Mt Barkers season for two years; I have been at Sturt for three years.”

As for her time with the Double Blues;

“I am currently in the U17 Sturt development squad. We made it into the Grand Final for the past two years losing to south. But I am hoping to have an opportunity in playing in the senior women’s in the next few years.

And as for her time with her beloved Roosters;

“In my first year of football we didn’t have finals or awards in my second year I was the captain of the Strathalbyn Roosters U16s where we lost the grand final; in that same season I got the Best and Fairest for my team and also played in the open women for Strathalbyn and won the Grand Final.

“In my third year I played in the open women’s, winning a back to back premiership and coming third in the association Best and Fairest.”

As mentioned before was Strathalbyn’s role in Holly’s football career; which is obviously a big role considering she has donned the colours throughout the entirety of her career.

But not only has she worn the colours; she has also made cherished memories with them;

“My favourite memories so far would have to be my back to back premierships with the Strathalbyn Roosters.”

As a laid back and local product; Holly is generous enough to share advice for other players that also make up the future of women’s footy;

“It’s okay if you don’t make it into teams at first; let that just push you harder for the next opportunity. If you really love the game just keep working harder and things will start to pay off.”

“This happened to me actually; I unfortunately have had two injuries this year, one I was out for a bit because of a brain stem injury and now I am still recovering from an ankle injury. It caused me to miss out on possibly playing in a team I really wanted to but that’s pushed me to try harder.”

The brain stem injury sounds rather serious; however, given Holly’s toughness and passion, it would take a lot more to dampen her great spirit;

“I didn’t cope with it very well at the start because I just wanted to play footy and I couldn’t for a bit but in the end it’s the long term that I was looking at.”

“That will take at least a year to get right but that doesn’t stop me from playing the game that I love.”

All of this means that we can add respectful to a growing list of ways to describe this humble footballer.

And of course; there is people that Holly would like to thank; whether that is for pushing her, supporting her or encouraging her;

“Darcy Springhall for sure. He believed in me right from the start. He gave me opportunities that I am so thankful for.”

“Also, my dad. My dad was a good footballer back in the day he then had three girls which I know he loved taking us to netball every week but of course he would have loved having a son to kick the footy with and teach him new things."

"I remember the first game dad saw of me play football he had the biggest smile on his face and since then I have loved the game so much. He was so supportive of me teaching me how to kick properly, how to bounce all those little things.”

“My mum is very supportive of me to; she drives me everywhere and gives me the little pep talks to get me fired up. Both mum and dad are so supportive with everything I do, and I’ll forever be grateful at the opportunities that they have supported me with. I really just want to make them proud and do the best I can.”

And that is the best way to wrap up an article on a very wholesome, respectful and hard-working player who has strived to be the best she can.

Considering the bright path she has ahead of her; she has undoubtedly made most people proud.



Images - Spud Bell Photography

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