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Updated: Aug 16, 2019

“Just go for it; if you’re not enjoying what you are doing then make the switch. It was the best decision I ever made, and you meet so many more people.”

This generous advice was given by a humble girl who went from an accomplished netball player to a very exciting football prospect.

Originally, Indiana was busy for eight years while impressing people with her netball skills.

In fact, Indi achieved a great amount of success during those eight years; winning the Best and Fairest four times and played state U12s indoor netball.

She also represented her school three times as well as being apart of a development team.

However, she decided to make the change and chase her dream of playing footy; joining the Happy Valley Football Club.

“I always watched footy with my dad on the TV and never really understood the game until I was about 11 then when I heard that there was a girls 14s team I asked my mum if I could play and she was a little scared at the start with my size but grew onto it but with my nan took her a little while to get use to her watching me get tackled.”

Leaving a sport that she was considerably good at would have been a tough decision for the exiting prospect.

However, the decision would’ve been made easier for the young talent as the reason she loves football so much is;

“I enjoy the rough side and how there is so many pathways for females and bond you make within the team.”

And one of these special bonds in particular is with a fellow teammate and good friend;

“All the girls are amazing to play with, but I really enjoy playing with Kiahni as she such a firecracker and always finds the funny side of things and is always hard at the footy but again everyone is amazing to play alongside with.”

To add to the friends she made; she has already achieved a considerable amount of success;

“First season with Happy Valley we won the premiership and I won the Coaches Award and made the SFL team of the year.”

This year marks her third season of football and her second season of football with the Christies Beach Football Club having previously joined them last year.

Already in that short time, Indi has made the most of her decision to switch sports. Creating many cherished memories already;

“Going on my first state trip to Mt Gambier and being a part of an amazing team and the first to ever beat Vic Country’s U16 team and having amazing mentors and coaches to help me be who I am today.”

“Meeting so many amazing talented girls and being able to have the opportunity to play for Port Adelaide’s Academy Team.”

One of these highlights mentioned was the win over Vic Country which is not only a great achievement for Indi but also for women’s football in South Australia;

“On the 9th of June we left Adelaide Oval for Mt Gambier; I was super nervous to say the least. When we finally got there, we went for a light session on the oval to get a feel of it and we were all pretty excited for the game the next morning. The morning of the game everyone was super excited and quite nervous but when we had our final coaches talk, we went out thinking the best. Final siren sounds and we became the first ever U16s girls’ team to beat Vic Country.”

And having experienced all this in just three years; the next step for the young talent is;

“My end goal is AFLW, but my next goal is to make the South Adelaide Women's team.”

Considering how much she has done already; the sky is the limit for Indi. However, the great player’s path hasn’t been without incidents;

“Just want to shine the light on my mental health so I have had really bad anxiety for seven years and they have been the most toughest years of my life.”

“In the beginning of it all I stop all my sporting and schooling at the age of only eight; I thought I would never play again or start feeling "normal" again and to this day I’m and struggling day to day but all I'm trying to say is if your struggling to come back from something life changing know that it’s okay to take a break and come back when you’re ready.”

Being brave enough to share this is not only very respectful; but it also helps show some of the problems that young people and players face today.

Thankfully, the strong player has support behind her;

“I would like to thank my coaches and mentors who have helped me with all my skills that I have learnt and to my parents who have supported me through the thick and thin.”

“But there is one special person who has been there on the sidelines and at training and that is my pop; all the knowledge you have taught me and the honest feedback on the long drive homes. I could not thank you enough for all that you do for me I really appreciate it and to everyone who has back me in all my decisions.”

With strong passion and dedication to match her impressive skillset and humble attitude; Indi is already a fantastic player to have in the football community and she will continue to be as her career reaches even greater heights.

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