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Jackie Parry - Top Gun


What is the most important position on the footy field?

Well the answer depends on who you ask; but we can all agree that kicking goals is important.

And that is why, on the eve of the AFLW draft, we thought we’d introduce you to an impressive forward from the Australian Capital Territory.

We are of course talking about the player with strong hands and a great goal sense … Queanbeyan’s very own Jackie Parry.

In 2018, Jackie claimed the Top Goal Scorer for the AFL Canberra’s Division Two league and not to be outdone; she also claimed this year’s Top Goal Scorer award, however this time for Division One.

However, despite receiving AFL Canberra’s Rising Star award in 2018; footy wasn’t always her main sport.

In fact, she experienced soccer with South Melbourne in the Premier League in 2013-2014 as well as competing in the Australian National Rowing Champions in 2014.

So how did she end up becoming such a promising football player?

“I had a few friends playing footy at ANU and thought I’d give it a go! I have been a major Roo’s fan my whole life, so I’ve always been around footy.”

From there;

“I played for ANU Griffins in 2018 and Queanbeyan Tigers in 2019.”

However, this wasn’t her first taste of football;

“I did AusKick when I was younger and got to run out onto what’s now known as Marvel Stadium.”

“I also then played under 11s for Prahran Football club with the boys until I wasn’t allowed to anymore.”

And lets just be thankful for a moment that she did make a return to football … or else we would have lost such a talented forward.

But just as we are thankful for her decision; Jackie is thankful of the teams she has represented.

Labelling her most recent experience with Queanbeyan as a;

“Really great experience! The coaching team and volunteers were incredible, it was a great place to improve my footy skills. It was the furthest club from my house but was so worth the commute!”

And it was definitely worth the commute as the Tigers provided her with her favourite memory so far; which was claiming this year’s Premiership.

When asked what it is that the humble product enjoys most about footy, she simply replied with;

“I suppose I’ve followed the game my entire life and it brings everyone together to celebrate a common passion. It’s such an entertaining game to spectate and play, and it’s a thrilling team sport.”

And considering she has followed the game her entire life, it would be a very exciting and nervous time heading into tomorrow’s draft.

However, luckily, she has work to keep her distracted.

And maybe she even follows her own great piece of advice;

“My advice would be to set small and short-term goals. Set one embarrassingly tiny goal and start working towards it.”

“And most of all make sure you keep enjoying your footy! It can be easy to lose sight of why you’re doing something!”

Not only is this one of the better pieces of advice we have heard thus far; but it is also working.

And considering Jackie’s “dream is to make it on a list.”

There is no reason that she can’t make it.

With impressive skills and on the back of two outstanding seasons of football … it is only a matter of time before we see Jackie kicking goals in the big league.



Special Thanks to Centimeter Perfect for the oppurtunity to collaberate

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