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Jaimi Tabb - the One to Watch

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

'My life motto is everything in life happens for a reason. So, my advice would be to give 100% in everything you do. Embrace it and make the most of every opportunity that is given to you - and be yourself.'


Just one glance at Jaimi Tabb and you can see why she is a player to watch.

She has all the makings to become great; tremendous skills, passion, dedication and a humble mindset that will make her deny everything I just said.

But it was very humble beginnings for this very exciting product;

“I grew up in a small coastal country town, so footy didn’t occur. I played netball and basketball instead, with basketball being my main sport.”

“However, I have been playing footy for about three years now with the recent move to Adelaide for school.”

“First year I played for West Adelaide in their SANFL team in 2018 but I move to Woodville West Torrens for the 2019 season.”

“I have also played for my school side for the last three years.”

With this experience adding to her skills and attitude; it all helps boost her exciting potential.

However, it is not just her future that is very bright; as Jaimi has been outstanding over the past three years of her football career;

“I have had the honour to represent my state the last three years in the U18 championship; both for SA and Central Allies.”

“I’m an AFLW Academy member. I was lucky enough to win MVP against the NT this year, in round one of the championships. Also, I was named in SANFLW Team of the Year this year and was privileged to be named Woodville West Torrens first ever women’s Club Champion.”

“I also have been honoured to Captain my school side the last two years.”

So, with a bright past and a bright future, with exceptional skills and mindset to match; the sky is pretty much the limit for Jaimi.

But as most true stars of the game are; Jaimi is more interested in improving upon herself and helping out her beloved teammates;

“Obviously, my main goal is to get drafted and fulfil my childhood dream, but I just wanna keep bettering myself and my teammates as well, to get the best out of all.”

As well as teammates; she also holds a very high level of appreciation for those who have supported her;

“Every single person I have meet along the way has impacted my life and I’m grateful for that. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all supporting me and helping me so I can’t just pick one person out.”

“But my family and friends, obviously, especially mum and dad. They have supported me through all the highs and lows. My dad has taught me everything about footy and mum has taught me that if you are willing to put in the hard work you can achieve anything... follow my dreams.”

“They are always there for me and always push me to better myself, not only on the footy field but in school and life as well. They have been massive role models in my life, not just mine but my three other siblings as well.”

While her thoughts on the game itself are;

“I love the friendships you create along the way. The girls become your family; they are always there for you and always willing to help out. You find some amazing people in footy. But also, the physicality of the game. It’s an outlet.”

Jaimi was generous enough to share some of these amazing people she has met throughout her career; with many familiar names present;

“Obviously being able to represent my state over the years I have been blessed to be able to play alongside the best in SA and also the NT, with names such as: Jess Allan, Chloe Scheer, Nikki Gore and upcoming stars Hannah Munyard, Maddi Newman and Montana McKinnon.”

“However, with being in the AFLW Academy, I have had the privileged to play/ train with the best within our country. With girls like Jordyn Allen, Alyce Parker, Mikayla Bowen and Kitara Whap- Farrar who are already on an AFLW lists.”

But along with meeting many great people; Jaimi has also created many great memories;

“Favourite memory would be the AFLW Academy camps, hands down. But also going to the Gold Coast the last three years to play the game I love. I feel super blessed for the opportunities.”

Travelling to the Gold Coast for football would be a very unique and memorable experience, especially for a group of upcoming stars;

“From year to year it has been different. But it’s like going on a holiday with your best mates and playing the sport you all love. This year we all connected as a team and we all got along really well, which made us more successful and we were united as a team.”

“However, this year was more special as we got to wear a guernsey designed by Andrew McLeod. And to know what it meant for him and what it represented was even more special. It was an honour not only to represent SA but also the NT.”

As mentioned before was Jaimi’s wonderful mindset; with humbleness being a key feature and her gratitude towards her teammates adding respect to that mix.

nd it is this dedication and attitude that led to become a part of the Eagles inaugural SANFLW team this season;

“I felt honoured to be part of the first women’s Eagles team ever. It was definitely a different experience to Westies, but in a good way. I loved it, a very inclusive environment.”

“The girls were amazing, especially my best mates Teagan Usher and Chloe Forby, who have not only been there for me within the Eagles process but all throughout state as well. The skill development of all the girls was unbelievable and I’m proud of each of them. It gave me a chance to be a leader and grow as a person too.”

And it is not just the playing group that she is grateful of;

“There are many of coaches that have helped along the way, but Tess Baxter is one person that sticks out to be the most. Coming to a new club was scary, but with Tess being my state coach two-years prior moving to Eagles, I knew I made the right decision.”

“Over the past 12 months she pushed me to better myself as a footballer and helping me where she can. Specially to know my strengths and play to them. She has taught me the smartness to footy, and this year she has had the biggest influence and I grow so much from her. I’m grateful and thankful to her.”

Considering Jaimi will continue to grow and is already a bright part of female footballs’ future; she has already witnessed some of the growth firsthand;

“Oh massively! From skill development to game play but also to the opportunities that young girls have these days. It’s ginormous! The growth of the game for girls has grown rapidly and it’s only going to continue to grow.”

“I love seeing girls play at AusKick level, it warms my heart. But To know that girls now have a pathway to go to the professional level is unbelievable. The game is just going to grow more, in all aspects of the game and I can’t wait to see where it goes.”

And Jaimi has worked incredibly hard to carve a path towards this professional level as well; with her being a part of just four South Australians who have been invited to the 2019 AFL women’s draft combine.

So, with this in mind; coupled with her skills, experience and attitude; Jaimi Tabb is destined to be someone great but she will not change from the upbeat and passionate player she is today.

And given her wholesome and humble nature; it is best to finish her article by highlighting her impressive gratitude and appreciation.

“Just want to thank mum and dad ... my main supports. They have been through every step of the way of my journey with me and their unstoppable support is unbelievable ... not only for myself but my two brothers and sister as well.”

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