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Jaymie Hammond - the Humble Footballer

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Humble is a term often thrown around today but for a prime example of what a humble footballer is; look no further than Strathalbyn’s Jaymie Hammond.

Jaymie is considerably laid back and even though she will not admit it, she is very talented.

Just to prove it, fellow Strathalbyn teammate Emogen Johnson describes her as;

“Funny off the field but fierce on it.”

2019 marks Jaymie’s fourth season of senior football and her third season with her beloved Roosters.

Originally, she played football growing up but had to stop due to the lack of pathways for female footballers and had to switch to ballet.

Currently, she is the co-vice-captain of the side and has previously won the clubs Most Courageous Player award in 2017.

For the wholesome player, Strathalbyn plays a big role in her life;

“It is a second home. My dad passed away at the start of 2017 in our first season at Strath and everyone was really supportive. They have helped me through some pretty tough times since.”

The success of the Strathalbyn Football Club is also something she is proud to be apart of;

With the Roosters claiming the 2017 and 2018 Open Women’s premierships. When she was asked what her favourite memoires from her footy career so far are, she simply replied with:

“Definitely the premierships at Strath.”

To further show the humble and team first nature of Jaymie; when asked which teammates she enjoys playing alongside the most are; she responded with;

“Can I say everyone?”

Although she did manage to narrow it down slightly to;

“Probably all the defenders – Tam, Chelsea Howe, Sarah, Mel, Anabel and Imogen.”

Not only is she a great example of a humble player, but she also provides an excellent insight into the growth of women’s football;

“I have watched it grow exponentially! I played mini colts and was the only girl in the HFL at the time and had to stop when I was 12 as there as nowhere for me to play. Then I played my first senior season at Mount Barker in 2016 when there were only two divisions in the SAWFL. Then playing for Strath in 2017, again in the SAWFL but the league had six open women’s divisions by then, and now in 2019 we are playing in a new league altogether, the GSFLW. I have also been apart of the new women’s HFL when I played a few rounds for Nairne Football Club in 2018. The growth of women’s football has been huge! We now have multiple leagues in country footy, a SANFLW competition and the AFLW. It is something for young girls playing football to aspire to, rather than get to 12 years old and have to take up something else instead; like so many of us had to.”

And if being a humble footballer wasn’t enough; she also studies health science and works at a hotel.

To be more specific with her study;

“I’m majoring in nutrition and exercise science.”

It does sound impressive, however the humble Jaymie had to mention that “it sounds smart but that doesn’t mean I am” but “I’d like to work it in with my love for football somehow”.

As for how she manages to juggle between footy, work and studying;

“With great difficulty sometimes and as many naps as possible.”

Considering she is highly dedicated, humble and dare I say talented; she would like to thank some people including “Darcy the number one coach”.

As a true country player, for her;

“I love everything about footy, watching and playing. But I mostly love being a part of a team that is like family.”

She would also like to address her playing number, which is the “lucky 13”;

“It has been my favourite number forever.”

“I wore 13 as a kid and it just stuck.”

What also stuck has been her nickname, which is James, in fact they use it “so much that it is weird when they call me Jaymie”.

But at the end of the day, she describes herself as a “pretty low-key player, I just like hanging out with the younger girls because they keep things fun”.

However, Jaymie’s career both on and away from the footy field looks bright. But she will undoubtedly continue to be the laidback, humble and kind person she is today and overall; just continue to be a great character to have in women’s football.

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