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Julia Wilson - the Fabulous Falcon

"Just be willing to learn and take any advice you can. I have learnt everything I know from the people I have been around, whether that would be more experienced players or excellent coaches. Also be persistent, anything you try starts out being hard but once you learn and keep going it becomes way easier."


We all enjoy stories about footballers that have not only managed to achieve a considerable amount; but have also managed to remain so humble despite it all.

And because it is always refreshing to hear about these players; we would like to introduce you to Wyndham Vale product, Julia Wilson.

Julia, when asked about her bright and promising path in football; responded in one of the best ways possible.

“I just feel very honoured and privileged for the great footy journey that I have had this far, and I really can't wait to see what happens next for myself and for women’s sports as well!”

And likewise, we are also excited to see what comes next for Julia; because if her past has taught us anything, it is that what could come next has the potential to be something very special.

Beginning her football career in 2017 at the previously mentioned Wyndham Vale Football Club; Julia’s first season was a sure sign of good things to come; as she not only played in club’s U18s girls Premiership winning team, but she also received the club’s Most Improved award.

So, not only did Julia’s first season of football give her one of her favourite memories.

“I think it would have to be being undefeated and winning the Premiership in 2017 and the feeling of joy everyone had when we finally did win.”

But this early success also meant she had set the bar rather high to begin with. However, keeping in mind her passion and dedication, it isn’t a surprise that she was able to build upon her first season and actually achieve more in the seasons that followed.

Most notable for the 2018 season, was the fact that she was a part of the 2018 WRFL U16s Interleague team and she also finished runner-up to her club’s Best and Fairest, which considering it was just her second season of football at the time is impressive to say the least.

2018 also marked her first season with the Western Jets, which she continued to play for into 2019 as well.

“Being a part of the Western Jets was a great experience. I learnt so much and met so many people. The coaches were great, and they really helped and showed me how to improve on specific skills to make how I play the game way better.”

“Overall, it really is an amazing experience that I was really honoured to be a part of!”

And despite everything she managed to achieve in the previous two seasons, she was able to reach another level of success in 2019 as she claimed her local club’s Best and Fairest.

“It was really great; I think so many other girls deserved it, but I felt really honoured to be able to get it.”

However, as we mentioned earlier, despite all of this success; Julia is still very humble.

And this is best shown through what it is that she loves most about Australia’s game.

“I think I really just love being in a team atmosphere and being with people that are as passionate about sports as I am. I think that is why I play so many different sports because just being around it and involved makes me happy.”

“I think another one would have to be making so many great friends that I've become so close too.”

And she certainly is kidding when she says that she has played so many different sports.

“I have played netball for about 11 years and I have played basketball for about five years.”

“There was one season where I played netball, domestic basketball, rep basketball and footy all at once and I never had a day off, but I love all three and couldn’t pick, so I chose all three.”

“I’m still playing netball and footy, but I gave myself a break from basketball last year because the days clashed with everything else but I'm hoping to start playing again this year.”

And as for what it is that Julia enjoys most about netball, well “I think it would have to be similar to footy, where you learn so much and your surrounded by so many people who have the same love for the sport you do”.

Photograph by DM Photography

If you’re anything like us, then you might be wondering what kind of success she has had in netball; bearing in mind how good she has become at football after just three seasons, so 11 years of netball would surely mean something.

But considering how humble Julia is; if you asked her, you would get an answer similar to this.

“I wouldn’t say as much because there is way more competition, but I have received a few awards for netball.”

So, considering how long she had been playing netball before football came into her life; it does beg the question of how this promising product got into the sport to begin with.

“Well I used to play in school teams during primary school and I really enjoyed it but I only thought it was for guys to play but my mum started looking and we found a few teams that were looking to start developing youth girls teams and she signed me up.”

“I never really watched footy because my family mainly follows NRL, so it was pretty confusing to pick up in the beginning.”

Photograph by DM Photography

However, keeping in mind she found it confusing to begin with, and then comparing that to now.

The fact that she went from being confused at first to a very promising footballer, means she is not only very dedicated to push through and learn, but it also means she must have had the right guidance and support along the way as well.

“I would really like to thank my very first coach Matthew Jones and his daughter Cleo Saxon-Jones they taught me so much and have taken so much of their time to help me improve on my skills and knowledge.”

“Also, my parents for pushing me and taking me everywhere and spending their time watching me.”

“And my really close friends I have made throughout playing footy who have made the whole experience so much fun and still continue to do it today!”

So, after everything we have said and considering how much success this humble player has achieved in the previous three years, we can only dream of what she could be capable of next.

But in her own words, her main goals for future are.

“I think the big dream would be making VFL and hopefully AFLW all whilst studying to become a physiotherapist, but I think mainly for now my main goal is just to improve on my overall skills to become the best version on myself.”

At the end of the day, whether or not she is willing to admit it; Julia Wilson has a very bright path in football.

And while we can never be certain of what comes next; the one thing we are sure of is that Julia will remain the very wholesome and humble player that she is today, even as her career climbs to even greater heights.


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