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Kara Stacey - Blue & White Proud

"Stick with it, it takes time to do and get the hang of a lot of things. Growth and more experience comes with time."


The Geelong Falcons are no stranger to producing promising talent; with four graduates, Laura Gardiner, Darcy Moloney, Carly Remmos, and Stephanie Williams, all being drafted during the 2020 NAB AFL Women’s Draft alone.

When it comes to producing talent, there’s not many better. But while their record on draft day certainly speaks volumes, so does their players thoughts about donning the blue and white.

Nearly a decade into her footballing journey, young Kara Stacey has become a promising role-player for the Falcons during the 2021 NAB League Girls season.

As a proud Geelong-native, Kara’s footballing journey hasn’t seen her stray far from Kardinia Park as her playing career has been split between the Lara Cats and the Geelong Falcons.

Having spent a long time with these two clubs it simply reflects her feelings towards them—as we doubt she would have spent nearly a decade playing for a side she didn’t like. In terms of opportunities and experiences, her time with the Falcons “has been great”.

“… It’s helped me really achieve a lot and understand how I play and what I can achieve. There’s been lots of learning opportunities that I have taken on board and been great fun.”

“Made tons of great mates as well.”

Likewise, it was with Lara that her football career begun to grow, and as such she holds them in a high regard as well.

Good making a lot of new friends and helped me achieve a lot of things I didn’t think I would’ve.”

'The Role-Player' - image kindly supplied by Kara.

While it is safe to say that she is a passionate footballer, her accolades from the last nine seasons are equally as impressive; and while she may not be collecting a large number of disposals a match, she plays her role brilliantly.

This tendency to play her part week in, week out, has seen Kara make several representative sides throughout her footy journey, including two years as a member of Geelong Falcons TAC Cup side.

She’s also played Interleague, V-Line Cup, and Next Generation footy; and claimed the 2017 Read the Play award.

In fact, there’s that many different accolades and experiences that it is “tough to choose one” that stands out the most.

“… I did enjoy winning the Best on Ground medal for Falcons V-Line; probably league Best and Fairest.”

“Or winning the Anzac award in front of my Pa, felt very special personally, he was enlisted in the war so felt good having him watch.”

When hearing the criteria to receive the Anzac medal, it really narrows down the type of player and character Kara is.

“It was an award for displaying team leadership, not necessarily being the best player on the ground, in acknowledgement to the Anzacs who had to do teamwork and in respect to them as well.”

As well as receiving the 2020 Anzac medal, Kara’s footballing journey also includes time spent in the Geelong Academy and as hinted at earlier, she claimed the 2020 U15s Youth Girl League Best and Fairest.

'Mighty Vic Country' - image kindly supplied by Kara (pictured left).

On the back of a standout 2020 season, this season has seen Kara become a consistent part of the Geelong Falcons as the side enjoys a standout 2021 season.

“It has been great, honestly absolutely loved and enjoyed every moment with them.”

“The experience has been absolutely crazy and have the best bond with all the girls. Play with them absolutely any day.”

And of course, this time spent performing well with the Geelong Falcons has seen the young gun earn a spot in the Victoria Country side; which marks a new and exciting chapter for her.

“It was a great experience; I met a lot of great girls that I have great friendships and moments with them. Something I will cherish forever and hopefully get to play them again soon.”

What is the next chapter for this Blue and White Proud Prospect?

“Staying healthy probably and improving my endurance.”

With years of experience and accolades to match, she has certainly developed into a promising player. Making the 2021 Victoria Country side shows that, even after nearly a decade of playing, Kara is still reaching new heights.

And we are confident that this talented role-player can continue to be a prime example of what Geelong has to offer.

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