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Kasey Lennox - True Spirit

Updated: May 26, 2020

'Don’t worry about what anyone says about you just do what you love and enjoy it!'


Kasey Lennox is a player whose passion for the game could not be diminished by injuries – and, despite some troubles, it seems that even the suspension of this NAB League season has not dampened her spirit either.

‘I love my footy and I’m missing it very much, I have been training and doing my best to go for runs but hopefully it is back soon.

This year, albeit a difficult one, marks a new chapter in what has been an impressive football journey for Kasey – with 2020 marking her 11th year of football.

The first six years of her career was spent playing alongside boys, beginning at South Morang where she would play for three years before making the move to Wallan. Then, three years after joining Wallan she would join the girl’s team – where she has been ever since.

‘I love them, it is a struggle to get girls every season, but we end up with a team every year and all the girls are great.’

'State Pride' - image kindly provided by Kasey.

However, football has not been the only sport that Kasey has played – with basketball also deserving a notable mention as her basketball career stretches back roughly eight years.

In fact, when she was in the U14s she made the Victoria Country Academy squad but by her own admission she ‘Preferred footy’. However, she does say that basketball has helped a lot with her football.

As for what it is that she enjoys most about footy – well, she puts it down to ‘How rough it can be and being able to play with mates’.

It is probably for the best that she enjoys the roughness of football – as her sporting career in general has not been without rough moments. This is because, during a basketball tournament in Adelaide back in 2017, she suffered a greenstick fracture to her collarbone.

Likewise, in 2019 she fractured her eye socket playing school basketball – which makes our eyes hurt just reading that.

However, despite these injuries, the fact that she has managed to keep her spirits up and continue to be passionate towards for her sport – shows the kind of mentality that Kasey possesses.

A mentality that sees her value the experience of playing in a Grand Final, despite the end result not going her team’s way.

It is also this type of mentality that is the reason why one of her sporting memories thus far was ‘The second game for Vic Metro, when I broke my nose before half time - that was a good one’.

On a bright note however, ‘I have got a face mask I wear to protect my nose so there won’t be many face injuries at least’.

'Safety First' - image kindly provided by Kasey.

But why would Kasey value experiences that involve her side losing, or when she takes a ball to the face while trying to go ‘Up for a specky’?

Well the answer is simple – Kasey holds that much passion for her sport that she can see the good from these situations. Getting to play in a Grand Final is an amazing experience, as is getting to represent your state, and despite the loss or the injury – Kasey is still able to recognise this.

But Kasey’s football career is not limited to injuries and lost Grand Finals – in fact, her career is full of impressive accolades.

We have already mentioned that she played in the U16s Vic Metro team in 2019, but in 2018 she played in the U15s SSV Premiership team. 2018 also saw her become the Vice-Captain of NFNL Interleague team and go onto win that side’s 2018 Representative Award.

She would also play in an Interleague Premiership – as well as win back to back Best and Fairests at Wallan in 2017 and 2018.

And while 2020 marks her 11th year of playing football – it also marks her third year with the Calder Cannons, time with which she says has been ‘Great’.

‘When I first went there I did not really know anyone as I played in the NFNL and most of them played in the EDFL and there was no one from my area but they were really welcoming.’

It has also been at the Cannons that she has found her preferred playing position – which is down in the backline.

‘I never really played it until Cannons last year, they put me in the backline the whole year and now I love it.’

And she has certainly made her presence felt down back – because during just the first three games that we saw this NAB League Girls season, she collected a total of 22 disposals, 11 rebound 50s and five marks.

Through all of this, both the good and the bad – the one person that Kasey would like to thank the most for impacting her career is her mum.

'In action for the Cannons' - imagine kindly provided by Kasey.

So, with promising skills and an outstanding mentality – what is next for this high-spirited player?

Well she wants ‘To be able to play AFLW, and to do something I enjoy doing’.

At the end of the day, Kasey Lennox is a player whose passion for the game seems unbreakable, and when we combine this with her years of experience and impressive skill-set – suddenly her dream of playing AFLW does not seem that far away from becoming a reality.

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