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Katelyn Rosenzweig - a Tale of Resilience & Success

"Don’t let injuries determine your future, push through it and keep your head up"

What does it take to continually bounce back from setbacks and times of hardship?

Well, we can all agree that it takes a player who has a high level of resilience, passion and a good old fashion never-die attitude.

And looking back over the past few years, it is pretty evident that Katelyn Rosenzweig is one of these players.

By now most people should have heard of Katelyn; and let’s be honest, her achievements speak for themselves.

From being the Runner Up Best and Fairest in the APFL Association, to being a two-time Runner Up Best and Fairest for the Angle Vale women’s and U18s teams.

Add to this list, the 2017 Best and Fairest for Angle Vale’s U18s, the 2017 SANFLW Leading Goal Kicker and a spot in the SANFLW’s 2017 Team of the Year.

And just in case you thought that was all; in 2018 alone she her earnt a spot in the SAWFL Team of the Year and received the Best Forward Award and the Young Player with Most Potential award, both for Salisbury.

Then add three state appearances, a 2018 Premiership medallion from Salisbury and an All-Australian nomination in 2018; and that is why most people should have heard of her by now.

However, for Katelyn, she has simply been playing the game that she has grown up with. In fact, her football journey has seen her don the colours of various teams;

“Playing since I was 9 years old; started at Hamley Bridge, then Angle Vale, state, Centrals, Allies, North Adelaide, Salisbury, Central Allies, the All-Stars and then got drafted.”

But what is it that drives her to keep playing?

Well her favourite things about footy is simply the “physical side of things, and how much enjoyment it brings me”.

And this enjoyment would without a doubt, include some of her favourite memories, which was the “Grand Final, draft day, and All Stars game”.

Luckily for us, she was generous enough to reflect on some of these memories.

Starting with the All-Stars game;

“It was good to play on Adelaide Oval again, good tough game we didn’t win but I think if the Allies had more bonding time, we would’ve been much better whereas the vics had multiple months training prior to the game.”

And of course, the Grand Final;

“Nerve racking, being down by quite a bit in the last quarter and then to go on and win by like 2 goals was the best thing ever.”

However, as most people would know, Katelyn’s talent didn’t go unrecognised as she was selected by the Adelaide Crows with pick 41 in the 2018 AFLW Draft.

And understandably she was excited by the opportunity, which saw meet some of footballs finest including;

“Deni Varnhagen, Stevie Lee Thompson, just all the crows mainly ahaha they’re all amazing girls and some of them are very under rated.”

But as we know, football is a funny game and can take a turn for the worst at any moment. Heartbreakingly, it was not all smooth sailing for Katelyn once she got selected. As a matter of fact, it was the complete opposite;

“I had a terrible 12 months and have sustained more injury’s over the 12 months than in my entire football career, so I was mentally unstable but the experience of being in the elite environment makes me wanna recover and come back better.”

“A lot of the girls helped a lot and my family did the best they could at providing me the support I needed.”

And this goes to show what type of person Katelyn is; earlier we mentioned all the qualities that would be needed in order to bounce back, from resilience to passion; and well Katelyn fits this bill perfectly.

She would be forgiven to do what most arguably would; which is settle for less or to walk away completely.

But not for Katelyn and her dream; which her goals going forwards is “to play a good season of footy next year and get drafted again”.

And considering her recent performance for Central District in the SANFLW; this goal could easily be a reality. As the humble forward collected 58 disposals from eight games, along with her nine goals which saw her sit fifth overall in the league for total goals this year.

And as for her time with the inaugural Bulldogs SANFLW side;

“It was good, we played very well I thought for a first-year team and I think 2020 will be a good year for the doggies as we will be more established and improved.”

Looking back on Katelyn’s journey and despite some hiccups, it has been quite impressive and of course she has some people she would like to thank for helping her get this far; most notably, “Emma McPherson, Chelsea Randall, Bill Economou, and my parents”.

However, as good as her past was; her dedication and passion means that she has the potential to make her future even better.

And considering she is one of the best forwards in the SANFLW currently; it is only a matter of time that she can get another opportunity at the top level again.

Which is exactly where Katelyn Rosenzweig belongs.



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