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Kensley Ward - the Western Prospect

Updated: May 30, 2020

"Just have fun don’t stress anyone who joins will love it; it is such a fun game and you will fall in love with it within seconds. Give it your all; enjoy it and have fun, and work hard cause hard work pays off."


It was a day when a young footballer got to meet her idol; and for Kensley Ward, it was a day that she will never forget.

Writing about her love and passion for the game; her words went viral and caught the eye of not just her idol Moana Hope, but also by the people at Special K.

This then gave the people at Special K a great idea; after contacting Kensley's mother, they arranged to meet her at an oval where she believed she “was just going to be reading my letter and then filming it”.

But of course, this wasn’t the whole truth, as Moana Hope made an appearance at the surprise and excitement of the young footballer.

As heart-warming as this story is, for most it was the first time they would hear the name Kensley Ward; however, as promising as this player has become, it certainly won’t be the last time.

So, what makes this humble youngster such a promising prospect?

Well for starters, Kensley has had no shortage of football experience even despite her young age.

“I started at AusKick and then stopped; I have been playing competitive footy for six seasons.”

“I started at Manor Lakes for two seasons then Sanctuary Lakes Sharks (now called Point Cook Centrals) and now I am at Werribee Districts; and I have been selected into Western Jets Development Squad as I’m too young to play games with them.”

Making the Western Jets Development Squad is a positive sign for her future, and so is the two Coaches Awards that she has also received over the years.

Add to this, the fact that she finished third for a Best and Fairest and “played a Next Gen Game for North Melbourne”, and it equals a nice amount of achievements for just six years of football.

However, the thing that really sets Kensley apart from others and something that Moana Hope would agree with us on, is that her love of the game is unparalleled.

And this is because football is “everything” to her.

“Footy is my passion I always have a footy in my hand it’s just my life and there’s nothing more important to me than footy.”

And bearing in mind how she feels towards football, it only seems fair that the sport has given her so many cherished memories.

“I loved playing with the boys and playing a Grand Final with the boys was a special one.”

Also “playing my 50th game at Sanctuary Lakes now (Point Cook Centrals)”.

“And I take part in the Women’s AFL Academy and the coaches are just amazing there and I can’t stop going back I love it that much.”

“But this year was very special, the group of girls I played with this year were amazing; we all gelled so well on and off the field and can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

And it is this passion and dedication for her sport that makes Kensley a promising player to have on your list, and it would also explain why she has been able to develop so fast over the past few years.

Also, the enjoyment this centre forward/midfielder gets while playing these positions, also helps explain some of the success that has come her way.

“I love the feeling when I kick a goal and all my teammates get around me and I love celebrating goals with my teammates and midfield, I love running around everywhere and the freedom.”

But considering how unique and successful her footy career has been and keeping in mind how gracious she is; it isn’t a surprise that there is some people she would love to thank for helping her throughout her bright journey.

“My family never stop encouraging and supporting me they drive me absolutely everywhere and anywhere to help me achieve my dream of becoming an AFLW player.”

And she has been “lucky enough to have the support and encouragement from the North Melbourne AFLW girls and the Hawthorn boys and Box Hill boys.”

“And a few of my coaches Jessie Chester who coached me for two years and now at Jets also, she never stops encouraging me and all the coaches at my Women’s AFL Academy they are outstanding with their feedback and support.”

“And also, especially Moana Hope; I have grown up idolising her and the things I heard from her I still hear in my head to this day; just her encouraging words to never give up and do anything you can to get better.”

So, with some elite guidance and an impressive idol; what is next for Kensley?

“Well my goal since I was a little kid was to play AFL and it’s never faded away, so I’ll do anything and everything to reach that.”

"And I'm aiming for the Jets again next year and the Vic Metro U16s in the coming years."

“In 2018, my dream was to make the Jets and that came true this year, so that proves I can go all the way.”

Considering her skills and immense passion for the game; there is a strong chance that she can follow in the footsteps of her idol.

But at the end of the day, there is one thing that is for certain, and that is that this will not be the last time that we hear the name Kensley Ward.


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