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Kim Bickerstaff - "Naturally Busy"

"If you really want to do something, you just find a way to do it!"


How is this for a schedule?

Football in the winter; basketball in the summer and running whenever you find the time to fit it in.

On top of this; you’ll also be working, helping with coaching and serving time on the football committee.

For most this would quite rightfully be a handful; however, for Strathalbyn’s Kim Bickerstaff, she is more than happy to take on all of these roles.

“People always comment on how much I do but I manage to fit in everything. It is annoying but I need to do what makes me happy.”

As for the football part of her schedule;

“I started playing for Strathalbyn in 2017.”

“I played with Mount Lofty for the second half of their season in 2018, after the Strathalbyn season finished.”

During these three seasons; Kim has won Strathalbyn’s Most Improved award in 2017, which is a good sign given it was her first season of football.

She has also played in two Premierships for Strathalbyn; she was a part of the 2017 and 2019 Premierships sides. She was also an emergency for 2018 Grand Final.

And this success is more of a by-product of her hard work. As the thing she loves most about the game is simply “the social side and the fitness”.

Now, as for the basketball side of the schedule;

“I’ve won two premierships playing basketball and only stopped playing when I was studying at uni.”

“I have gone back to playing social basketball the last few summer seasons here in Strath.”

And finally, as for the running part of her busy schedule;

“Parkrun Saturday’s when footy season isn’t on as I do sports training for the club; trail runs when I can fit them in, city to bay.”

And as for how she got into these sports;

“I used to play netball but found it boring because I couldn’t run around.”

“I would always be kicking the footy with my brother and helped be goal umpire for his team. I would’ve loved to have played footy growing up.”

“Then mum got me into basketball, and she said it was the best thing they found for me as I could just run!”

However, these are far from the only sports that Kim has played;

“I also used to swim competitively for Onkaparinga Swimming club growing up. Training at Woodside swimming pool over summer and at the Woodside army barracks over winter.”

“I also used to play tennis, do gymnastics, callisthenics, long distance and cross country running and summer netball!”

“I still hold the record for the 1500m at my high school!”

“Aqua aerobics and lap swimming have been the two things put on hold at the moment which I miss.”

That is saying a lot given the fact that she is involved in three sports but still misses another two.

However, mentioned before was the roles she does off the field/court.

“I have been involved in the 2018 girls’ junior academy and the 2019 AusKick girls helping as a coach with a few other players.”

“I have been on the Strathalbyn Football Club women’s committee for the past few years. Currently, I am the deputy chairperson of this committee.”

“I also did a sports trainer course last year through the Strath footy club and I help out with the modies on Saturday’s and the girl’s team on Sundays.”

Let’s face it; this schedule doesn’t have to be labelled as “busy” as it literally speaks for itself.

But it is best summed up by Kim herself:

“I’m naturally super busy and can’t sit still.”

However, besides the passion and dedication needed to stick with these sports. One can add respect and gratitude to this, because of the work she does off the field and behind the scenes.

The gratitude being for the Strathalbyn Football Club and the larger community; for providing her with great memories and a chance to “run around”.

With these roles being a great way to give back to the club she loves so much;

“I didn’t grow up here and didn’t know anyone so being involved as part of a club has meant I’ve got to meet a lot of people with the same interests as me.”

And in particular, these great memories are;

“Winning a premiership in our first season. Making lots of new friends and the themed training nights.”

Busy schedules aside; Kim Bickerstaff is just an overall wonderful person to have in the community and a terrific addition to any sporting club that is lucky enough to have her.



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