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Laitiah Huynh - the Bright Path

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

"Make sure you take in every opportunity you get as if it is your last."


2019 has seen many great moments and many heartbreaking moments as well; in terms of football however, 2019 marked the inclusion of the Central District Football Club into the South Australian National Football League Women’s (SANFLW) competition.

In a side that has many notable mentions; there is one extremely exiting and promising player that is climbing the ranks.

And this player is none other than Laitiah Huynh.

Donned in the blue, red and white; Laitiah collected 82 disposals, 28 tackles and two goals in the nine games she played during the 2019 SANFLW season.

Her time with the Bulldogs this season is best described by the humble player herself;

“It was the best experience, as it was my first-time training and playing with women players before. everyone there were so inclusive, and they were always offering to help me.”

“My coach Ribbo always pushed me to do my best and the team would always give me the best energy! It was so cool being in the first ever Central Districts women team and I was especially happy getting into the first side for the first game; I also kicked my first goal for women’s league during that game against West Adelaide and I felt over the moon.”

“At the end of the season I was also awarded with League Incentive award which highly boosted my confidence.”

However, this season is far from her first year of football or success for the matter and it definitely will not be the last either.

For Laitiah, her football career began back in 2016;

“I started in 2016, playing for the Ingle Farm U15s; in 2017 I played for the Ingle Farm U16s girls and in the same year I also made the U15 state team and U15 All Nations state team.”

This is impressive alone, however Laitiah has taken her career to new and exciting heights more recently;

“In 2018, I played in the U16s for Ingle Farm girls still and also made the state U16s team.”

“This year I moved to Salisbury A grade women’s team and also made the state U18s team and the Central Allies AFLW team.”

And even more recently;

“I have also always played in the SANFL talent shields for Central Districts and I was in the first ever Central District SANFLW women’s team which happened this year and I have been invited out again for next season.”

Laitiah is rightfully proud of being a part of Central Districts first ever SANFLW team as well as representing South Australia on numerous occasions.

However, these are far from being her only achievements, winning a “Best and Fairest in 2016, a Best and Fairest runner up in 2017; a Best and Fairest in 2018 and the Runners Leading Votes U16s Zone 1 last year.”

And on top of this as well, she has been a part of the Adelaide Crows Development Academy for the past two years.

Despite all of this success; the thing Laitiah loves most about football is rather simple;

“Being able to release stress when playing; making new friends and memories.”

Some of these friends in particular are;

“Aisha Thomas, Maddy Lane, Kimmy Fry.”

“Their energy; how they make me laugh and always encourage me to play my best. They get around me after I kick goals etc.”

And as for the memories; well one in particular that stands out for the pacey product is being a part of the Central Allies team;

“It was such a great experience as I got to become friends with many girls from the Northern Territory and also got to learn how they play.”

With the addition of pace and courage; another key aspect of Laitiah’s football is her passion and dedication.

She is always open to new opportunities and is always striving to make the most of any chance she is given; hence the impressive amount of experience she has gained after just four years of football.

And with this impressive experience in mind; she is generous enough to share some advice for other young and promising players;

“Make sure you find a balance in life relating to football; whether it’s making sure you have equal time with family and friends as you do with footy, making sure you put your school work first and just have fun within the sport.”

“I feel as though I’ve always been hard on myself and in some ways that put me in a bad mindset before games which enabled me to perform poorly.”

“Make sure to smash each goal with a positive mindset! To make sure you take in every opportunity you get as if it’s your last.”

“And another tip I found helpful for game days is having a set routine pre and post-game.”

This advice is a great indication of just how promising Laitiah is; as she not only has the skills but also the intelligence to understand the importance of balance within a sporting career.

With this in mind, Laitiah’s career is up to her; but with what she has already achieved, coupled with impressive skills and personality; she has a huge potential and is heading down an extremely bright path.

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