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Lucy Armitage - Talented & Grateful

"If you’re thinking about giving footy a go, seriously just do it. You never know what will happen or the people you’ll meet. It’s so worth it. And for those just starting out, soak up everything you can. It can feel intimidating to feel like you’re behind everyone else, but a driven attitude and mindset to learn gets you further than just knowledge alone."

We can all agree that football is an exciting and chaotic sport; so much so that it becomes easy to get caught up in all the hype.

However, more often than not, the offseason allows players to sit back and reflect on their football careers and the season that was.

And with this in mind; we would like to introduce you to a very wholesome player whose gratitude and positivity towards her club is simply just a breath of fresh air.

We are of course talking about Glenelg’s Lucy Armitage;

“I am so blown away by all the opportunities that have crossed my path the last two years. It seems unreal that just by taking the plunge and turning up to that Morphies training, knowing no one and nothing about playing football, could then change so much for me. I can’t imagine not playing footy anymore, it’s the only sport I’ve played where I feel completely satisfied and at home.”

“I’m just continually feeling so grateful for the people in my life who have supported and guided me through footy, and for those watching from the sidelines who are always excited to hear how I’m going and celebrate every small achievement with me. That’s what keeps me pursuing it and enjoying every second of this journey.”

But what a journey it has been for Lucy so far. Despite 2019 marking only her second year of football, with one season spent with Morphettville Park and the other Glenelg; she is no stranger to sport;

“Pretty new to club footy! I always kicked the footy around the backyard with my brothers when I was little, but never played an actual game until I joined Morphies.”

“I grew up playing netball, then I picked up tennis when I was about twelve for a couple of years. In my last years of high school, I started playing every sport I could - athletics, soccer, basketball, netball - I loved them all and couldn’t get enough of sport. I tried continuing basketball after school for a year just to keep playing something but wasn’t very good at it.”

While playing so many different sports is one thing, finding success within them is another story.

However, Lucy did get her fair share of awards over the years from these multiple sports;

“I won one Premiership in junior netball and one for tennis. I won several first-place awards in athletics for short distance running, and I broke some small record for javelin throwing.”

“I did get invited to go to nationals for short distance running and javelin in year 12 but it was too much to juggle with study and everything, so I didn’t end up going. I also received a sport award in year 11 and I was part of a basketball Premiership too.”

So, how did Lucy find her way to football?

“Well when the AFLW comp came along and women’s footy took off, it suddenly hit home that maybe I could have a try at the sport I’d loved my whole life and always wanted to play!”

“I didn’t know anyone at Morphies, but I’d heard pretty good things about them, so I rocked up to a preseason training very very nervous, immediately felt right where I was supposed to be, and never looked back.”

And from there, the humble player found herself at Glenelg.

And as for her feeling towards her beloved Tigers;

“Being a part of Glenelg is pretty special. We are like a little family, and the support and love that’s shown there is amazing. It’s inspiring to be around such a great culture and such a supportive and driven bunch.”

“To be honest any time I spend with them is a good memory! I do really enjoy our recovery sessions after games when we can just have a good time and enjoy each other’s company without the stress of games. Having said that, I love every game I get to play alongside them, and I feel super lucky to have such a team!”

While she has such kind words for her club, what she did this year in the black and yellow was just as impressive. Playing all 11 games for Glenelg this SANFLW season, she finished with 114 disposals and an average of 5 tackles a game.

It was this performance that not only saw her play in both SANFLW exhibition games as well as receive the Breakthrough Player nomination in round five; but it also saw her place in the top ten in the league for total tackles.

But considering she is rather new to football; she is still trying to find her main playing position;

“Well I’ve played some of every position this year (except ruck haha) and I do love playing midfield best and prefer forward when I rotate. It’s much less stressful than playing defence, but really, I’m just happy to be playing no matter the position.”

“I’m just so glad to finally be playing this game I’d play anywhere. I think as I’m a latecomer to footy, I just try to really experience every moment on the field and not take any game for granted.”

However, despite being new to football and still trying to find the position that suits her best. It is safe to say that she has a very bright future ahead on the footy field.

And considering how grateful and wholesome she is; there are of course some people she would like to thank for what she has achieved so far;

“Definitely my Tiger fam. They’ve supported me massively and continually encourage and push me to be better. Playing in such an environment has impacted my footy so positively.”

“I also have a lot to be grateful to my coach Jase for - especially for taking a chance on me last year and signing me at Glenelg. He’s a bloody great coach and person, and his support has meant a lot.”

“Also, to my mate Peter, for coming to my games, giving me feedback, and always willing to help me practice me kicking.”

So, what is next for Lucy?

“Well the big goal is to get to the next level but that’s not happening yet!”

“There’s still so much for me to learn, I think I’ll be focusing on improving my game both physically and mentally, and just really trying to prepare well for next season.”

Despite the fact that she is too humble to admit it, 2019 was an impressive season for Lucy especially when considering that it was just her second season.

With this in mind; her great skills and amazing attitude towards her club will continue to make Lucy Armitage a very valuable part of her club both on and off the field.



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