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Lucy Were - the Fantastic Falcon

Updated: May 30, 2020

'It is such a great sport that involves a supportive community and the friendships that are made are unforgettable! If they were wanting to take their game to the next level, I would suggest to make their goals clear, work hard for them and seek as much advice/feedback as you can.'


Without a doubt, Lucy Were is one of the most passionate players that we have featured thus far – which makes her the perfect player to celebrate our 125th feature article with.

In fact, the only thing that can compare to the amount of success that she has achieved during her football career thus far – is her love of the game.

There is so much that I love about the game but when I think about it, the first thing that comes to mind is the community and friendships that you form.

‘I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by some amazing people who I have met in Geelong and also up in Melbourne, these friends have now become some of my closest. These friendships and connections have not only taught me so much about the skill of the game but also so many life skills as well as providing me so much support that I will cherish for ever.

‘When I step onto a footy field, whether it is to train or play a game, all my worries just slip away, which is the best feeling to have.’

This is certainly not a newfound love for the sport either, as Lucy has been enjoying football for the past eight years and has continued to do so since she was just eight years old.

Originally, it was her sports teacher, Andrew Richardson, who suggested that she should start playing football after he noticed her ‘Love for hanging out on the oval and kicking’.

‘A lot of credit goes to Andrew Richardson who first saw my talent on the footy oval in my year three PE class and invited me to come down to play and I have not look back since.’

'Smiling Success' - image kindly supplied by Lucy.

Following his advice, she joined the boy’s team at Geelong Amateurs, where she would continue to play until her age would no longer allow it. From here, she made the move to the Newtown Football and Netball Club – where at age 12, she would get to experience playing in the U18s side alongside the likes of Olivia Purcell and Denby Taylor.

It was also with the Newtown U18s that she would get to play in her first Premiership – ‘We won the Premiership against Modewarre, I can’t explain that feeling, I was so young playing alongside so much talent and then to win a Premiership was beyond words’.

Then at age 14, she would make the move back to the Geelong Amateurs as they had ‘Started up an amazing women’s footy program, thanks to Chris Horniblow’ – and this is the same club that she resides at today.

During her time at the Geelong Amateurs she has been fortunate enough to play in several Premiership teams, including an U15s Premiership team that she Captained.

‘Also last year I played in the U18’s women’s Premiership team, where I also took out the League’s Leading Goal Kicker and Best on Ground for the Grand Final. The feeling that comes with winning a flag and the celebrations afterwards is unexplainable.’

On top of local football, 2018 saw Lucy represent Victoria’s tournament-winning U15s side – and she has also been selected into a couple of Geelong Falcons V-Line teams, one of which she was named the Vice-Captain of.

As well as this, ‘for the past couple of years I have also been lucky enough to play with the Geelong Falcons and was named as the Vice-Captain for this year’.

‘I have learnt so much about the skill of the game through amazing coaches and some seriously talented players around me.

‘It has this beautiful community feel about it and everyone is behind you and supporting you. Geelong has this amazing culture that everyone is connect if that be us with certain players from the Cats AFLW team and them passing on their knowledge of the game, it is just really humbling.’

'Thumbs Up' - image kindly supplied by Lucy.

As we mentioned before, Lucy Were’s love of the game is unparalleled, and this best shown through what she says is her favourite football memory thus far.

‘My footy thus far has come with a lot of pinpoint memories but my favourite times have been the fun had with my teammates in general, whether that is playing table tennis before training or a bit of banter during training.

‘I have been so fortunate to date with my football and am grateful for the friends I have met through Falcons and football overall. I am truly grateful for the successful teams I have played in and I truly appreciate that this doesn’t happen in too many lifetimes.’

It is this high level of passion that will see her take her career to exciting heights – because it drives her to not only be the best that she can be, but also help her team be the best that they can be. Which explains why she has held several leadership roles throughout her football career.

It is also this same high level of passion that sees her cherish all those who have helped her throughout her promising football journey thus far.

‘My biggest support systems would have to be my parents and the majority of my success so far is credit to them for the ongoing support they show me, and for mum allowing her eight year old daughter to go off and play footy with the boys – which was not the norm back then.

‘Another key person in my development would have to be Chris Horniblow. Him and his family have been unbelievably supportive of me and I know he has opened many doors for me in football and a number of other girls wanting to play the game- his support in the development of female football in Geelong should be commended.’

This gratitude also stretches to her close friends and family, even going as far as to say that her teammates are the sisters she never had.

I don’t know what I would do without them – from the fun times dancing around the club rooms to the knowledge you learn from the amazing talent around you, which includes the likes of Lucy McEvoy, Abbey Chapman, Darcy Molony and Renee Tierney.

‘My coaches have also had a massive influence on my game and achievements and without them I don’t know where I would be so I’m forever grateful to all my coaches, be it at local level or state level.

‘Special mention to the likes of my first falcons coach Jason Armistead, followed on by Brendan McCartney and Susie Robison and the fellow Falcons staff for the constant support for myself and the Falcons team - they are amazing.’

There is still one last person that Lucy would like to thank, and it is a person that might help explain why Lucy has become quite the promising prospect over the course of the last few years – with this person being none other than Katie Brennan.

‘I have spent many hours training with KB and her crew in Coburg which has taught me so much about the skill of footy but also life skills including the importance of goal setting- she has been amazing and I’m forever grateful for her.

‘There are so many people that I would love to thank if that be Laurie Lee who helped me refine my kick or those who run the water, but there is just too many to list. Massive thank you to everyone who has influenced my football – they know who they are.’

So, what is next for this extremely promising and passionate Falcon?

‘Without a doubt my overarching goal is to be drafted to an AFLW club at the end of 2021. Leading up to the end of 2021 I would love to be involved with the VIC country squad and the AFLW academy which I will be able to gain so much further knowledge from.’

‘And of course, I would love to win a premiership with the Geelong Falcons prior to being too old to play for them.’

At the end of the day, Lucy’s passion for the game is unquestionable, and when you add this to her experience, leadership, and talent – it equals a player that is truly fantastic.

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