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Macie Brown - Queensland's Promising Prospect

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

'Advice I would give to them is just enjoy it, and always just go hard for the footy!'


If you were to ask Macie Brown how long she had been playing football for – the answer will more than likely shock you. This is because, despite having quite a successful football journey thus far, Macie has only been playing club level football for two full years.

While being new to football is certainly nothing new – the thing that makes Macie standout the most is just how much she has managed to achieve during these previous two years.

But before we get stuck into this promising Queensland prospect’s football journey, it is best to see what she was doing in the years prior to her first game of club football.

For Macie, her sporting life consisted of ‘Lots of different school sports, but mostly touch footy’.

I played a fair bit of representative touch and around the same time I realised I probably couldn’t take touch any further I had a successful first State Championship in 2018 and I really wanted to pursue AFL.’

Following her success at the 2018 State Championship, Macie decided to pursue AFL football rather than touch football – but her time spent playing touch footy would prove very beneficial when she switched codes.

The two main takes from touch for me would probably just be scooping the ball up repeatedly has somewhat helped me in having clean pickup and ground skills.

‘And the level of fitness required in touch is crazy, so I suppose footy’s fitness load is somewhat very similar.’

This sporting background may help explain why it did not take Macie long to make her presence felt in football. Because, as we mentioned earlier, she had a successful first appearance in the State Championships – this is because she claimed the Coaches Award during the 2018 U17 State Championships.

This is a feat she would beat the following year, as she won the Best and Fairest during the 2019 U17 State Championships.

'The Winning Feeling' - image kindly supplied by Macie.

Keeping in mind that she had only began playing club level football in 2018 – with her only previous footy experience coming in the form of a couple of school football games.

But despite being relatively new to football, 2019 would prove to be her biggest season yet – as she would not only claim the earlier mentioned Best and Fairest at the State Championships, but she would also experience her first premiership with Coorparoo.

‘The Grand Final … when the final siren went off and we all ran to each other, the atmosphere from the crowd was crazy.’

As well as the premiership, 2019 would also see her represent Queensland – as well as get selected into the Lions Academy, a spot she still holds in 2020.

But accolades aside, Macie’s favourite thing about football is ‘my mates’, and this passion is also seen in her feelings towards her club, as she says that Coorparoo is ‘Irreplaceable’.

‘The kings are my family, a group of people I could rely on for anything. I have loved every minute.

‘I love the friendships that I have formed with so many people.’

As well as being very talented and dedicated, she also holds a lot of passion – and has certainly not let a great start to her football journey get the better of her as she is very grateful for those who have helped her. Especially, ‘My family, for the support and running me around when I needed them too’.

So, what is next for this promising Queensland prospect?

In Macie’s own words, her goal is to ‘Probably just make it as far as I can with footy’.

But considering how far she has already come in just the past two years – there is no real reason why she could not end up at the very top in the near future. But until that day comes, at least we can still admire this talented Queensland prospect as she continues down this very bright path.

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