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Maddi Newman - the "Exciting Footballer"

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

'Listen to your coaches and make sure to ask questions especially if you are unsure about anything. They are there to help you improve; so, try to get the most knowledge out of them as you can.'


Round Two of the 2020 AFLW season was a long time coming for Maddi Newman as, after several promising years in the SANFLW, we finally got to see her do some damage on the national stage.

While Round One saw her make her AFLW debut during Adelaide’s loss to Brisbane, it was the following week against St Kilda that she truly shined – as she collected 13 touches, four marks, two tackles and kicked a very important-late goal.

In total, she would go on to play four games for the Crows during the shortened season.

2020 marks a new and exciting chapter in what has been a long and bright football journey for Maddi – especially long considering she began playing while in year two at school, and she continued up until year 5 when ‘Unfortunately I had to quit at the time because there were no more opportunities for me as a girl’.

Being forced to put her football dreams on hold, she looked towards cricket instead, and she actually ended up played state cricket from age 11 to 15 before she was able to move back to her beloved football.

As for her football career itself, she says that her father has had the biggest impact on it because … ‘My dad taught me everything I know and is always encouraging me to improve and do my best’.

‘But most importantly he wants me to have fun, because there is no point playing a sport if you don’t love it’.

Maddi has certainly taken this advice on board as well, as she loves ‘Making new friends and playing in a team environment’.

‘Footy is such a unique game and there is no other sport quite like it.’

'Family Pride' - image kindly supplied by Maddi.

One of these close friends that she has gained through football is none other than West Adelaide teammate, Emma Smith.

‘Westies have brought us so close together. We both share the same work ethic and passion to keep improving on and off the field.’

It is only fitting that Emma Smith shares the same views of their friendship, as ‘Maddi has become one of my closest friends, she is such an exciting footballer with many hidden talents. Honestly, she has amazed me with how much she has grown as a footballer over the last year'.

‘Even though she drives me insane, I would not be half as excited to continue my football journey with anyone else other than Maddi.’

Overall, it is safe to say that Maddi has enjoyed her time with the Bloods, as she has ‘Made so many lifelong friends at West Adelaide’ and they have ‘really helped me to improve my footy’.

Considering her feelings towards West Adelaide it is only fitting that she has also become a very valuable part of the side over the last few seasons.

2019 saw her play 10 games for the red and black, and she collected a total of 187 disposals which she practically never wasted thanks to her unbelievable 88 per cent disposal efficiency. This would explain why she finished runner-up to West Adelaide’s 2019 Best and Fairest.

This performance during the 2019 SANFLW season would also see her get selected into the 2019 SANFLW Team of the year, as well as both the South Australian state team and the Central Allies team.

She describes her time with the 2019 Central Allies team as ‘Such an awesome experience’.

‘This was my second Allies trip. It is a pretty awesome thing to put two completely different teams as one and play against teams who have been together for over six months. I thought we gave it a great crack and it was awesome.’

While she has spent majority of her time with the Crows thus far this football season, she immediately made her presence felt during her first game in the red and black this year, as she collected 19 disposals which she never wasted thanks to her 100 per cent disposal efficiency.

She also gathered up five inside 50s, four rebound 50s and took four marks as well.

So, what is next for this promising Crow?

While her debut AFLW season was solid, she will only get better with more experience, but considering she is already one of the most reliable players with ball in hand that we have ever seen – it is actually rather scary to think of how good this young gun Crow could become.

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