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Mattea Breed - the Promising NT Product

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

'My advice would be to give it a crack and do not stop trying if or when it gets hard.'


It seems like a long time ago now, but Round Two of the 2020 SANFL Women’s competition gave us plenty of things to look forward to for the rest of the season. But the biggest thing to come out of Round Two was the standout performance of Norwood’s new recruit, young Mattea Breed.

In just her second ever game of SANFLW footy, the girl from the Northern Territory certainly made her presence felt as she collected a grand total of 21 disposals as well as five tackles and four clearances. This impressive performance also saw her get recognised and rewarded with the Round Two Breakthrough Nomination.

But despite coming off of several promising years of football in the Northern Territory Football League, Mattea was not expecting to have such an impact so early.

‘I did not even think I would get a game for a while considering I missed the preseason because I was playing NTFL. I was not really that happy with my efforts to be honest so, I do not really know how I won that but.’

While Mattea is certainly her own harshest critic, there are several positives as well as promising signs to take out of her footballing journey thus far.

But before she was busy with football, her sporting life consisted of ‘About five years of basketball and a couple years of rugby’ – which fittingly enough are two sports that can benefit someone’s play style immensely.

As for how Mattea ended up on the football field, well just like the laidback life of the NT, she just kind of decided to ‘Try something new … I did not really think too much of it to begin with’.

From here, she began playing football back in 2016 with the Darwin Buffaloes, where she would remain up until very recently as she then donned the colours of the Southern District Crocs for the 2019/2020 season.

Just like her time with Norwood, it did not take her long to make her presence felt when she first began playing footy with the Buffaloes. This is because in both 2017 and 2018, she won the NTFL U18s League Best and Fairest, the first of which she tallied 30 votes to claim and in latter she tallied 31.

As well as the 2017 and 2018 Best and Fairests, she also played in two premierships with the Buffaloes during those same two seasons.

Over the next two years, the accolades also followed as Matte Breed was named the 2019 NTFL Women’s Premier League Rising Star, and she also got to experience the 2019/2020 Women’s Premier League Premiership with Southern Districts.

'Smiles All Round' - image kindly supplied by Mattea.

Accolades aside, football up in the Northern Territory ‘Is good. Wishing I was up there now. The weather is so good around this time of the year’.

Taking into consideration everything with have just mentioned, it makes Mattea quite the valuable recruit for Norwood, but as for how she actually found her way down her from the opposite end of the country, well - ‘I had some connections at my old club with ladies that play down here’.

‘Thought I would get another season in considering the NTFL season runs during other competitions off seasons.

As for how SANFLW footy compares to the footy on offer in the NTFL, well at times she admits that it can be a little soft compared to what she is used, but she really enjoys the pace of SANFLW footy. But overall, she can see the good and the bad in both SA and the NT.

‘I think that I am just bias because I like the weather in Darwin much better … I hate the cold.’

‘The speed limit is like 60km per hour everywhere here. It is more open roads in Darwin, but restaurants are open later here which is cool, and everything is pretty close.’

Being at the opposite end of the country would also be made a bit more daunting when most things get shutdown because of a pandemic, luckily now we have football back and most things are back open, but at the time it was ‘A bit of a struggle to find motivation’.

‘I mostly just trained, rotated between craft, running and resistance bands.’

‘I was bartending before pubs got closed down. Not studying anything - just buying time between now and when I want to join the police force.’

Over the last six years, Mattea has carved a pretty promising path for herself within the world of football and has also managed to make her presence felt in two state leagues.

But what is next for this highly humble and promising Northern Territory product?

Reaching the AFLW is the main dream for her Mattea and dare we say it certainly is not an impossible dream at that.

‘But if I do not make AFLW I am not too phased. It is more just a time filler before I make a career out of the police force.

At the end of the day, despite having heaps of potential, it is safe to say that it certainly hasn’t gone to her head – but whether it is in the police force or in the world women’s footy, we are certain that Mattea Breed has a very promising future ahead of her.

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