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NAB League Girls Team of the Week - Round Nine

The Race is Nearly Over: new names stole the show during Round Nine of the NAB League Girls competition as sides fight for a spot in the finals.

With the absence of the Victoria Country and the Victoria Metro players, many players had the chance to step up and make a mark -- and many players sized this opportunity.

The round kicked off with the Western Jets extending their unbeaten run with a 42-point win over the Greater Western Victorian Rebels, 8.8 (56) to 2.2 (14). Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner was a major contributor for the Jets - finishing with 3 goals.

The Rebels, who once again found a great supply of the footy through Lilli Condon, got the jump on the Jets early but, after quarter time, the Jets were able to wrestle back control of the match. This now sets the stage for a massive matchup between the Jets and the Eastern Ranges.

A fast start by the Dandenong Stingrays saw them defeat the Northern Knights by 21 points, 5.9 (39) to 2.6 (18). The biggest name of this game was Olivia Robinson, who stepped up in the absence of some of the Stingrays stars to become a star herself.

Besides Robinson's game-winning display, the Knights found some great performers through Delgado and Beatty.

The Eastern Ranges made easy work of the Geelong Falcons, 14.9 (93) to 3.0 (18). Wilson and Knight were some of the biggest impacts on the scoreboard - but it was Izzy Khoury who once again stole the show.

Kara Stacey was a highlight for the Falcons, as was the rising Falcons' prospect, Sara Howley. Now we just get to buckle in and eagerly await the Ranges clash with the Jets.

A second-quarter surge saw the Calder Cannons break away from the Sandringham Dragons to claim a 30-point win, 7.10 (52) to 3.4 (22). Young Kyla Forbes was a highlight for the Cannons while Pia Staltari did her best for the Dragons.

But with the likes of Read, Woodley, Kavanagh and McLeod; the Cannons were too strong to combat.

A trio of Tasmanian forwards stole the show during the Tasmania Devils' 106-point belting of the Bendigo Pioneers, 16.17 (113) to 1.1 (7). Lucia Painter stands as the Pioneers' major highlight for the match - but as mentioned before it was the Tassie trio that stole the show.

Saward, Parker and Clark combined for 11 goals, while the likes of Brazendale and Griffiths were busy around the ground.

Gippsland Power was agonisingly close to causing a major upset during their 7-point loss to the Murray Bushrangers, 7.5 (47) to 8.6 (54). The Molesworth twins and Brisbane were impressive for the Power, as was young Ellie Hall for the Bushrangers.

It was a case of the current stars versus the future stars as Goldsworthy and Hamilton were dangerous in the middle for the Bushies, but Gippsland had young stars at either end of the ground in the form of Stoddart and Centra.

Scroll down to see the Team of the Week, plus a small breakdown of the squad.

Captain: Izzy Khoury

Vice-Captain: Georgia Clark

The captaincy this week belongs to Izzy Khoury; who put together one of her best performances for the Eastern Ranges. The gun midfielder had one of the highest disposal counts of the round.

The vice-captaincy falls to a staple of Tasmanian talent, Georgia Clark. Clark did a little bit of everything as she got her hands on plenty of the footy and also boosted her goal tally.



This week's attack is home to a trio of Devils that all enjoyed a big day out on the weekend. This week's vice-captain Georgia Clark headlines the front six after kicking 4 goals from her 24 disposals - while also managing to have 9 marks.

Joining Clark is Shania Saward, who also booted 4 goals during the Devils' big win. In addition to the goals, Saward also collected 16 touches and laid 4 tackles. The third Tasmanian talent is Bellah Parker, whose weekend included 18 disposals, 5 marks, and 3 goals.

Also on the half-forward line is Jade Hutchinson, who enjoyed a great outing for the Eastern Ranges. In total, Hutchinson had 20 disposals, 6 tackles, and kicked 2 goals - which makes it one of the better all-rounded displays from the weekend.

Gippsland's Ash Centra was a standout on the weekend. The 15-year-old forward played a huge role in her team's near-upset win. Centra had 16 disposals, 7 marks, 3 tackles, and 2 goals.

Rounding out the attack is Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner, who played her best game to date. Not only did this Jet kick 3 goals to double her season tally in a single game - but she also had 12 touches and laid 8 tackles.


Rucking duties fall to a new name this week, with Sandringham's Maddison Torpey earning the honour for the first time. The 17-year-old ruck had a well-rounded display that included 20 hit-outs, 15 touches, and 6 tackles

On-ball is Lucia Painter, whose game-high total of 28 disposals and 16 rebound 50s stands as one of the major highlights from the Pioneers' weekend. The young gun also managed to lay 3 tackles and take 4 marks.

Dandenong's Olivia Robinson stepped up in the absence of her fellow Stingrays that had state duties. The 17-year-old was an extremely strong contributor; having 26 touches, laying 5 tackles, and kicking 2 goals.

The middle is home to our captain, Izzy Khoury, who backed up last week's impressive display with arguably her best display for the year. Finishing with 31 disposals, 4 tackles, 3 marks, and a goal - the competition won't feel the same without this talented Ranges star.

The wings are home to two Bushrangers who look like they are going to finish the season how they started it - that being in style. The 'Double Z' duo was amazing; Zarlie Goldsworthy had 27 disposals, 9 tackles, 8 marks, and kicked 2 goals. Meanwhile, Zara Hamilton had 23 touches and laid 11 tackles.


Tarrah Delgado was at her usual best for the Knights on the weekend; finishing with 23 touches, 6 rebound 50s and 5 tackles - Delgado still stands as one of the competition's most reliable players.

The young Falcons' defender, Sara Howley, has only continued to flourish this season. The weekend was just another example of this as Howley had 15 touches, took 4 marks, and laid 3 tackles.

Named at full back this week is the Rebels' own, Madeleine Seebeck. The young defender was impressive - despite facing off against quality opposition. Seebeck gathered 14 touches, laid 6 tackles, and was accountable for 10 rebound 50s.

She is placed behind the footy on our team but we doubt Ashleigh Van Loon will mind. This relentless Falcon put pressure on her opposition throughout the day as she finished with a highly-economical 14 touches and 13 tackles.

Northern Knights' defender, Ashley Fitzpatrick, enjoyed a good performance on the weekend - despite her side's result. Fitzpatrick had 17 disposals, 5 rebound 50s and 4 marks.

Gippsland's other super promising youngster, Ella Stoddart, makes an appearance again down back. Stoddart had 20 disposals and 9 rebound 50s during their narrow loss - and this sits as just another great example of her potential.


Adding plenty of power to this week's rotations is Lilli Condon, who had 31 disposals and 13 tackles during the Rebels' Round Nine defeat. Condon has consistently been one of the competition's better players - and hopefully, this gets reflected come draft day.

Showing her glimmering potential on the weekend was Sierra Grieves, who had 20 touches, laid 3 tackles and kicked a goal for the Western Jets.

Continuing with the theme of glimmering potential. Chloe Baker-West joins the side after impressing for the Cannons. The 15-year-old had 18 touches, took 6 marks, laid 4 tackles, and kicked a goal.

Tahlia Read was everywhere for the Cannons. Finishing with a total of 21 disposals and 9 tackles to go along with her sole goal - Read's Round Nine display was her best yet.

Kiera Leare was a valuable part of the Jets' victorious side. Finishing with 18 disposals, 12 tackles, and a goal - it is just a shame that we could not fit Leare in as a starter since she more than earned it.

Rounding out the Round Nine MWM NAB league Girls Team of the Week is a young up and coming player from the Eastern Ranges, Georgie Brisbane. Brisbane scored from every kick she had, kicking 2.1 from her 3 kicks - while also having a couple of tackles.

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