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NAB League Girls Team of the Week - Round Seven

Round Seven sees three matches decided by a point, while the Bushrangers and Chargers register convincing wins.

Thankfully Round Seven is over so we can finally catch our breath. Three matches being decided by just one point in the same round sounds rare--even more so when considering two of these games finished with the final score reading, 35 to 36.

The first of these close matches kicked off the round on Thursday, when Calder and the Ranges went head to head. The Ranges got a leg up early, but were forced to hold off the Cannons during the final term to narrowly win, 5.5 (35) to 5.6 (36).

The very next match of Round Seven was a deja vu scenario, because the Stingrays and Pioneers match would finish in a similar fashion. This time it was the Stingrays who got an early head start, but once again had to hold off the inaccurate Pioneers to win, 4.11 (25) to 5.6 (36).

The Bushrangers and Power clash broke the trend of close matches, with the Power being held goalless for the duration of the game. The Bushrangers, who piled on four third-term goals, stormed home to claim the biggest winning margin of the round, 0.1 (1) to 7.6 (48).

Then came a more appropriate result for Round Seven, as the Western Jets and Sandringham match came down to the wire. The low scoring affair saw the Jets just manage to escape the Dragons, winning 2.4 (16) to 2.3 (15).

The Falcons put on an uncharacteristic display against the Knights. Geelong would not score a major until the final term, but by then the game was already sealed in favour of the Knights, 1.3 (9) to 4.10 (34).

The final match of Round Seven saw the Chargers defeat the Rebels in a more one-sided display. The Rebels were held goalless for the match, allowing Oakleigh to come out on top with a 4.5 (29) to 0.2 (2) win.

Scroll down to see this round's Team of the Week plus a small breakdown of the squad.

Captain: Charlotte Baskaran Vice-Captain: Amber Clarke

The two teams who hold the most spots in the Round Seven Team of the Week is Dandenong and the Murray Bushrangers, both of whom sit with three named players.

The Captaincy of the Round Seven side belongs to a standout Western Jet, Charlotte Baskaran. Meanwhile, the Vice-Captaincy goes to an equally as promising player in Dandenong's Amber Clarke.

Scroll down to see the small breakdown of this week's squad.



Continuing to increase her goal tally during Round Seven was Alyssia Pisano, who kicked two goals and collected eleven touches during the Ranges close win.

This week's Vice-Captain, Amber Clarke, finds herself at half forward, with the Dandenong midfielder-forward making the side after adding to her goal tally with two majors, while also collecting twenty touches and three tackles.

Alongside our Vice-Captain is a fellow Stingray teammate in the form of Mackenzie Eardley. Mackenzie impressed with two goals as well as fourteen possessions and four tackles.

Keeping with the duo theme, two Bushrangers also find themselves in our offense, with Lily Sharp joining Olivia Cicolini. Lily managed eleven touches, four tackles and two goals, while Olivia finished with ten touches and two goals.

The final spot in our starting attack is Maeve Chaplin from the Northern Knights. Maeve finished with twenty-five touches, five tackles, and she even managed to kick one major.


Rucking duties belong to Calder's Tahlia Gillard, whose strong performance included fifteen touches, five marks, four tackles and a goal--making this an easy pick.

Named on-ball this week is our Round Seven Captain, Charlotte Baskaran. Charlotte's captain-worthy display included twenty-eight disposals, seven tackles and four rebound 50s--which helped the Jets seal their narrow win.

The last spot on-ball belongs to the break out Rebel, Chloe Leonard. This time she continued her impressive season by collecting twenty-three touches, fourteen tackles and five rebound 50s.

Another Jet makes the side on the wing, with Montana Ham making the side after collecting twenty-five touches and seven tackles.

The other wing spot belongs to Stella Reid, who at this stage is a safe bet for the Team of the Week. This time Stella collected twenty-four touches, eight tackles, seven marks and a goal.

Finding herself in the middle is Bendigo's Elizabeth Snell, who enjoyed a big day out during Round Seven thanks to her twenty-two disposals, nine tackles and five marks.


Playing her best NAB League game thus far was Mia Busch, whose impressive performance for the Eastern Ranges included twenty-three possessions, five rebound 50s and three tackles.

Joining her down back is the reliable Stingray, Zoe Hill whose Round Seven performance included sixteen disposals and eight rebound 50s.

Making the side for the second week in a row is Gippsland's Lily-Rose Williamson. We thought last week was her best game thus far, yet Round Seven saw her not only match it, but beat it. In total, Lily-Rose finished with twenty-two touches, twelve tackles and six rebound 50s.

Also down back is another Power player with the familiar named Matilda Van Berkel joining the side after what was her best game for Gippsland as well. She finished with twenty-touches, eight rebound 50s and seven marks.

A Dragon also finds herself down back in the form of Sofia Hurley, whose twenty touches, six tackles and five rebound 50s was more than enough reason for her to join the side.

The final spot down back belongs to the trustworthy and reliable Falcons' defender, Annie Lee. Continuing her standout 2021 season, Annie finished with twenty-two touches, six marks and six rebound 50s.


Headlining this week's rotations is Calder's Georgie Prespakis, who continued her standout year be collecting twenty-seven touches, eight tackles, and one goal. Also named amognst the rotations is Sandringham's Chloe Saultry, who finished with fourteen touches, seven rebound 50s, and six tackles.

Adding plenty of talent to the rotations is Geelong's Tess Craven, who finished with twenty touches and four marks during the Falcons' bitter loss.

The final rotation is Oakleigh's Brooke Vickers. As the Charger who never seems to let the side down, her Round Seven performance saw her collect twenty-three touches, three rebound 50s and a goal.

One of two emergencies for Round Seven is Aurora Smith, whose strong display for the Bushrangers included twenty-five touches, six marks and five tackles.

The final spot in our Round Seven Team of the Week belongs to Rylie Wilcox. Rylie's strong performance for the Knights saw her finish with nineteen touches and a goal.

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