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NAB League Team of the Week (Round Three)

In a week where most of the sporting leagues around the country have been either postponed or cancelled; at least the NAB League girls gave us a worthy performance for what will probably be our last Team of the Week for quite some time.

With this in mind, we have done our research on the Round Three matches to bring you our best NAB League Team of the Week yet.

(Scroll down for full team list and breakdown of each players performance.)


Captain: Jessica Fitzgerald Vice - Captain: Abbi Moloney

Unlike our previous NAB League Team of the Week, this week’s team is more reliable when it comes to player positions. Also, same as last week, each club has been represented by at least one player.

While it is dependent on which teams have the bye that round, only Tyanna Smith, Abbi Moloney, Tarrah Delgado, Isabelle Pritchard and Alyssa Bannan hold their spot in the side from last week’s team.

As for the leaders of the team, we selected Jessica Fitzgerald from the Northern Knights as our Captain, while the Vice - Captaincy goes to Abbi Moloney from Sandringham.

(Scroll down to see a breakdown of every player named in this round’s Team of the Week.)


Forward Pocket

Matilda Hardy (Eastern Ranges)

Matilda Hardy had a pretty nice day out during the Eastern Ranges big win over the Devils. In total, she collected a strong nine disposals, four marks and managed to boot two goals.

Full Forward

Abbi Moloney (Sandringham)

As one of five players that have kept their spot from the previous week, Abbi Moloney certainly backed up her impressive performance from the previous round. Playing in Sandringham’s big win over the Power, Abbi collected 12 disposals, six tackles, four marks and even booted five goals, making this one of the best performances of the round. Hence, she received the Vice-Captaincy of our side for this round.

Forward Pocket

Alice Astbury (Greater Western Victoria Rebels) She is slightly out of position, but we just wanted to have this first-gamer named as a starter. This is because Alice Astbury collected an impressive 15 disposals and three marks while she also managed to kick two goals and create plenty of chances for her side with six inside 50s. Making this a very promising start for the Rebel.

Half Forward Flank

Perri King (Tassie Devils) While Tassie has had a tough last two games, Round Three did give us a new highlight from them, which was the performance of Perri King. In total, this young gun collected a solid 11 disposals, five tackles and three rebound 50s while also managing to add a goal to her impressive set of stats.

Centre Half Forward

Alyssa Bannan (Northern Knights)

As one of the few players that have made our last two Teams of the Week, Alyssa Bannan had another outstanding performance on the weekend. In total, this Northern Knight gathered 18 disposals, five marks and four tackles. She also booted two goals, which now sees her 2020 season goal tally sit at nine.

Half Forward Flank

Eliza McNamara (Sandringham) Sandringham enjoyed a pretty comfortable win on the weekend, and it was thanks to players like Eliza McNamara that it was possible. This talented Dragon collected an impressive 15 disposals, six tackles four marks while also managing to boot two goals for her side.


Megan Fitzsimon (Gippsland) Gippsland didn’t get the win, but at least they have a very talented and promising player by the name of Megan Fitzsimon. We say this, because during the Round Three match, she collected an impressive 23 disposals, six tackles and two marks while also booting two goals for the Power. Making this a player that is worth keeping an eye on.


Jessica Fitzgerald (Northern Knights)

Jessica Fitzgerald has been named as the Captain of our Round Three Team of the Week and it is easy to see why. Playing her best game thus far, she finished with a total of 28 disposals, four marks and three tackles. Add to this, a total of two goals, and it equals a very stand out performance from this young gun.


Isabelle Pritchard (Western Jets)

Isabelle Pritchard was one of the five players to make both our Teams of the Week. Round Three saw her back up the last round’s impressive performance, as she finished with an impressive 25 disposals, 11 tackles, four marks and four rebound 50s.

Half Back Flank

Jemma Finning (Bendigo) With a total of 20 disposals, six marks, six tackles and four rebound 50s; Jemma Finning’s performance on the weekend was one of the main highlights for Bendigo. And we are sure that it won’t be the last time that she puts on a display like this either.

Centre Half Back

Tara Slender (Bendigo) Another player that was impressive during Bendigo’s defeat on the weekend. Tara Slender collected a reliable and consistent total of ten disposals, five rebound 50s, four tackles and two marks.

Half Back Flank

Grace Dicker (Calder) A stand out player from Calder’s big win over Bendigo, Grace Dicker collected an outstanding 20 disposals, three tackles and a mark. She also created some chances up-forward for her side, finishing with four inside 50s.

Back Pocket

Mietta Kendall (Eastern Ranges) The Eastern Ranges enjoyed a big day out on the weekend, as they rolled the Tassie Devils by 57 points. As for the standouts from the game, it is hard to go past Mietta Kendall. All up, this young gun collected a total of 17 disposals, five rebound 50s and two marks.

Full Back

Amy Prokopiec (Tassie Devils) Being a defender during a one-sided game is always hard, but Tasmania’s Amy Prokopiec made the most of it. In total, this talented Devil collected 11 disposals, six rebound 50s and two tackles.

Back Pocket

Tarrah Delgado (Northern Knights) One of the five players to make both our Teams of the Week, Tarrah Delgado enjoyed another nice day out on the weekend. Finishing the match with a strong 12 disposals, four rebound 50s and two marks. Let’s see if she can go for the hat trick of Team of the Week appearances once football resumes.


Matilda Van Berkel (Gippsland) The powerful player from the Gippsland Power had a big day out on the weekend. While they didn’t get the win, they should be happy with Matilda Van Berkel and her 17 disposals, five marks, four tackles and 27 hit outs.

Ruck Rover

Georgie Prespakis (Calder)

Georgie Prespakis was very impressive during Calder’s big win on the weekend. In total, this young gun collected an outstanding total of 30 disposals, eight tackles and seven inside 50s. Making this a very promising sign for the rest of Georgie’s football career.


Ellie McKenzie (Northern Knights) One of the best performers from Round Three, this Northern Knight was simply outstanding on the weekend. Playing her best game thus far, Ellie McKenzie finished with a total of 28 disposals, six marks, four tackles and even managed to boot a goal for her club.


Tyanna Smith (Dandenong) Another one of the five players to make both our Teams of the Week, Tyanna Smith was impressive again on the weekend, collecting a total of 21 disposals, six tackles and three marks. She also created plenty of chances for the Stingrays, as she also managed to collect a game high of seven rebound 50s.

Montana Ham (Western Jets) While the Western Jets didn’t get the win, they still had several standout performers. One of which was Montana Ham, who collected a strong 19 disposals, seven rebound 50s, five marks and one goal.

Isabelle Khoury (Eastern Ranges) She was very unlucky not to be named as a starter for this round’s Team of the Week. This is because Isabelle Khoury collected an impressive 12 disposals and three tackles while also managing to boot three goals for the Eastern Ranges on the weekend.

Amelia Velardo (Western Jets)

Finally, the last spot on this round’s Team of the Week goes to a very talented Jet, named Amelia Velardo. In total, she finished the match with a solid 25 disposals, eight tackles and four rebound 50s. Making this a very promising sign for the rest of her football career.

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