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NAB League Team of the Week (Round Two)

For the first time, our Team of the Week series travels interstate to Victoria and while we may have had a bit of a false start last week, we thought it was better late than never.

As with our SANFLW Team of the Week, the spots on the list are judged purely on the players performance from that round.

And while we tried to line up these positions correctly in regard to the information we could gather, there will surely be some players that are out of position. However, while they may not be in their correct position, their performance was good enough to at least gain a spot in the side.

So, without further ado, introducing for the first and hopefully not the last time, the Minutes with Moose NAB League Team of the Week for round two.

(Scroll down for full team list and breakdown of each players performance.)


Captain: Laura Gardiner Vice-Captain: Mimi Hill

Unlike our SANFLW Team of the Week, the NAB League Team of the Week doesn’t feature a Head Coach, but we still have selected the leaders of the side. With the Captaincy and Vice-Captaincy of the inaugural side going to Geelong’s Laura Gardiner and Oakleigh’s Mimi Hill respectively.

As for the rest of the side, each club has been represented by at least one player, with Oakleigh’s dominating win reflected within the side, with the Chargers having the equal most players named alongside the Northern Knights. Likewise, Geelong and the Jets had three players while the remaining clubs had either two or one.

As we mentioned earlier, some of the players are likely out of position, however their performances have certainly earned themselves a spot in the side, nonetheless.

(Scroll down to see a breakdown of every player named in this round’s Team of the Week.)


Forward Pocket

Abbi Moloney (Sandringham)

Abbi Moloney was one of the first players that we wrote down for our Team of the Week and for good reason. This was because six of her ten touches resulted in a score, but not only did she kick three goals and three behinds, but she also managed a strong five marks during her round two match.

Full Forward

Taylah Morton (Oakleigh) Oakleigh’s Taylah Morton booted three goals during their comprehensive victory over Tasmania on the weekend. The young gun also collected a steady 12 disposals and three tackles in what was a positive sign for the rest of her 2020 season.

Forward Pocket

Caitlin Sargent (Western Jets)

Overall, Caitlin Sargent had a pretty consistent performance during their round two draw. All up, she collected 11 disposals, four marks and three tackles which sits nicely alongside the two goals she also managed to kick. However, she also created some chances for the side as well, recording a solid four inside 50s.

Half Forward Flank

Rianna Thiele (Oakleigh)

In a game that had many standout performers, Rianna Thiele managed to hold her own. In total, this impressive youngster collected 15 disposals and eight tackles. Add to this the two goals that she kicked, and it equals a very promising and impressive performance overall by her.

Centre Half Forward

Alyssa Bannan (Northern Knights)

Teams love to have great players in key positions and well, Alyssa Bannan is certainly a great player. In total, this impressive Knight collected 14 disposals, eight marks and five tackles. Add to this, the two goals she also booted, and it equals one of the best performances of the round. But don’t forget that she also booted five goals the previous round as well.

Half Forward Flank

Abigail Bennett (Northern Knights)

The Knights Abigail Bennet makes this side for one very impressive feat. With that feat being the fact that she managed more tackles than disposals during their round two win. All up, this young gun collected ten disposals and 12 tackles along with two inside 50s.


Kate Adams (Murray Bushrangers) While they didn’t win or lose, the Bushrangers would definitely be happy with Kate Adams performance. This is because she collected a remarkable 19 disposals, six tackles and four rebound 50s. Along with this, she also managed to kick a goal for her side, making this one of the best individual performances of the round.


Mimi Hill (Oakleigh)

Named as the Vice-Captain of our Team of the Week, Mimi had a considerably impressive performance during Oakleigh’s big win on the weekend. In total, she gathered 20 disposals and two inside 50s, which sees her total disposal count across the first two games sit at 49.


Isabelle Pritchard (Western Jets)

Certainly one of the stand outs during the Jets draw against the Bushrangers, Isabella Pritchard finished with 25 disposals, seven tackles and two rebound 50s. Which explains exactly why she caught our attention and earned a spot in this round’s Team of the Week.

Half Back Flank

Grace Hay (Murray Bushrangers)

As one of the two Bushrangers to make this round’s Team of the Week, Grace Hay was certainly impressive during their round two draw. All up, this young gun collected an outstanding 19 disposals, seven marks, two tackles and eight rebound 50s.

Centre Half back

Annie Lee (Geelong) While the Falcons didn’t get the result, Annie Lee played her role perfectly. In total, this talented Falcon collected an outstanding 18 disposals, five marks and a remarkable seven rebound 50s during their loss to the Knights.

Half Back Flank

Annabel Strahan (Bendigo) One of the best things in football is watching a player rebound the ball into attack. Which is exactly why Bendigo’s, Annabel Strahan made this round’s Team of the Week. In total, this Pioneer finished with an impressive 18 disposals, four tackles, three marks and five rebound 50s.

Back Pocket

Zoe Hill (Dandenong) Dandenong’s Zoe Hill had a very reliable performance during their three-goal win on the weekend. All up, this young gun collected a steady and impressive 11 disposals, three tackles, three marks and five rebound 50s.

Full Back

Tarrah Delgado (Northern Knights) Another Northern Knight that made this round’s Team of the Week, Tarrah Delgado collected a strong 14 disposals, four marks and five rebound 50s during their four-goal win over the Falcons.

Back Pocket

Kasey Lennox (Calder)

While they fell to a three-goal loss on the weekend, the Calder Cannons had a few positives, including the performance of Kasey Lennox. Finishing with a total of 14 disposals and three marks, Kasey also created plenty of chances for her side with six rebound 50s.


Georgia Kitchell (Northern Knights) A good ruck is very important and lucky for the Northern Knights, they have one. All up this young gun collected seven disposals, three tackles and 21 hit outs during their four-goal win over the Falcons. Remarkably, she managed exactly 21 hit outs during round one as well.

Ruck Rover

Tyanna Smith (Dandenong)

The Stingrays enjoyed a rather comfortable win on the weekend, and it is because of players like Tyanna Smith that it was possible. In total, this young gun collected 29 disposals, seven tackles and five marks during their three-goal win. And this marks her second impressive performance in a row, as she now sits with an average of 28 disposals a game.


Laura Gardiner (Geelong)

Laura Gardiner received the title of being our inaugural Team of the Week Captain, and it is pretty easy to see why. While the Falcons didn’t get the result they hoped for, Laura finished with an impressive 31 disposals, nine tackles and three marks. But the best part is the fact that she now sits with an average of 33.5 disposals a game, thanks to the 38 disposals she collected during round one.


Ashleigh Van Loon (Geelong)

Geelong’s Ash Van Loon had one of the more consistent performances on the weekend. In total, she collected a comfortable 16 disposals, eight tackles and three marks in what was a promising sign for the rest of her season.

Charlie Rowbottom (Oakleigh)

Charlie Rowbottom was one of many stand outs during the Chargers dominating win on the weekend. All up, she finished the match with 17 disposals, five tackles and even added two goals to her tally.

Camilla Taylor (Tasmania)

It was a very rough start for Tasmania on the weekend, but one of a few highlights for them would have to be the performance of young Camilla Taylor. While she only collected six disposals and 11 hit outs, the remarkable part was the fact that she finished with 13 tackles.

Charlotte Baskaran (Western Jets)

Another stand out player from the Jets draw against the Bushrangers, Charlotte collected an outstanding 25 disposals, three marks and two tackles.

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