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Neave Delaney - the Promising Tiger

'The community around it and friends to play and enjoy the game. The more I play it the more my passion grows.'


While Glenelg’s chances of making this year’s SANFLW final series are now gone following the results on the weekend – we think now would be a good time to look ahead to what the Tigers might be capable of in the near-future.

Glenelg has no shortage of young talent, several of which call the Mt Gambier area home – and for an example of one of these long-distance prospects, look no further than Neave Delaney.

She has been playing Australia’s game since she was just eight years of age – which, following a two-year break, brings her total playing career up to a total of six years.

Some of this time has been spent playing for East Gambier, time which she describes as being ‘Heaps good … really community based, and lots of fun with friends’.

This passion towards her football up in Mt Gambier is appropriate, as she has certainly been making her presence felt up there, especially in the last two seasons. This is because she made both the 2019 and 2020 LCWFL Team of the Years, and she also was the 2020 LCWFL Leading Goalkicker.

As well as this, she also finished runner-up Best and Fairest to East Gambier’s 2019 Best and Fairest.

With a resume like this, it is no surprise that she was recognised and rewarded with a spot on the 2019 Adelaide Crows Academy Elite Talent Squad. Which she describes as being ‘An amazing opportunity as I learnt so much with the coaches who helped me become a better player’.

'Smiles All-round' - image kindly provided by Neave.

As we mentioned earlier, Neave Delaney is also one of several promising products that are under the guidance of Glenelg, and she has been a part of the Tigers pathway for threes year now.

It has been ‘Very good, learnt lots with good mentors and good teammates’.

But being considerably young – and living so far away from Adelaide, there are of course those who she would like to thank for impacting and helping her throughout her career.

‘My mum and dad for taking me to Adelaide week in and week out and supporting me to help improve my game.

‘My coaches throughout my football career, my dad my biggest coach, Matt Ellis, Jonathan Lillecrapp and Taylor Saffin.’

So, what is next for the promising Tiger?

Well Neave’s goal is simple, ‘Improve my game and eventually make AFLW’. And keeping in mind what she has achieved over the past two years alone, it certainly hasn’t hurt her chances of one day fulfilling her main dream.

As for Glenelg, well their finals dreams may be over for 2020 – but with promising players such as Neave Delaney climbing up the ranks, its only a matter of time before they get to experience for finals footy.

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