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Nicole Campbell - the Humble Star

Updated: Aug 21, 2019


The date was March 15. The day for most was like any given Friday. But for the South Adelaide Football Club the day was the day that Nicole Campbell etched herself into Panther folklore.

Trailing by as much as 29-points during the match, the Panthers fought back to come within just five-points of North Adelaide.

In the final minute of play, South Adelaide took the ball from end to end in a last-ditch effort to steal the win. The ball ended up landing on the chest of nonother than the number nine herself; Nicole Campbell.

Kicking truly from approximately 20m out, the ball crossed the line with just five seconds left in the match. Giving the Panthers a one-point lead, when it mattered most.

At the time, Nicole appeared calm and composed despite the importance of the kick however the reason for this may be because;

“I was telling myself; you’ve got this. At the time I didn’t know there was only 10 seconds to go and I didn’t know that a goal would win the game by 1 point. I think if I had of known that it was down to that kick, I probably would have missed it.”

For Nicole, this was yet another highlight in the humble player’s very successful career.

Beginning with soccer at the age of nine, she played every season until she made the switch to football in 2017.

It was during her soccer career that she made one of her fondest memories;

“A favourite memory was playing soccer for South Australia when I was 12 and travelling to Darwin to play against all the states.”

It is by no means a surprise that the very talented Nicole Campbell achieved a considerable amount of success during her days of playing soccer.

Her list of soccer accolades includes;

2010 - South Adelaide Div. 1 Best and Fairest

2011 - South Adelaide Premier League Best and Fairest

2013 - Seaford Rangers Div. 1 Players Player and Golden Boot

2014 - Seaford Rangers Div. 1 Best and Fairest

2016 - Noarlunga United Div. 1 Players Player

As for why the accomplished soccer player wanted to make the switch to football;

“I had always wanted to play footy but there were never any teams down South. Fellow teammate, Tamara Page and I played soccer together at Noarlunga United. We ended up winning the div 1 premiership and decided that was it, we wanted to play footy.”

And play football she did. Beginning with the Christies Beach Football Club where they claimed the div 2 premiership.

She then reached the SANFLW, joining Norwood in 2018 season before making her way back to Christies to finish the year.

Then in 2019, Nicole joined South Adelaide where she was an integral part of their premiership winning season.

She was also a part of the Port Adelaide Exhibition Series and for talented footy player, the “next step is the AFL Draft”.

Once again, it is no surprise that the dedicated Nicole Campbell succeeded at yet another sport, with her list of football achievements including;

2017 - Christies Beach Div. 2 Best team player

2018 - Christies Beach Div. 1 Best and Fairest

2018 - Adelaide Football League Team of the Year (Half Back)

2018 - League best and Fairest (Dutschke Medal) runner up

2019 - SANFLW Team of the Year (Half Forward)

2019 - South Adelaide MVP

It is with football that the true humble, yet talented nature of Nicole stands out. Shown through a few wholesome words from the player herself;

“The highlight of my career so far was being voted South Adelaide’s MVP because there are so many amazingly talented players who deserved it. It was such a huge honour and a moment I will never forget.”

“I feel very honoured to be playing alongside an amazing group of women this year, they are not only talented footballers but amazing people who all share the same dedication and passion for footy.”

For Nicole, “footy is her life” so she doesn’t have time for much else, but she does love skateboarding.

However, the obvious risks of injury coupled with the idea of a club losing one of their best players to a skateboarding stack, means she doesn’t get to enjoy it often.

With football being her love and passion in life, South Adelaide plays a major role in it;

“South means everything to me; they are my footy family and I couldn’t be prouder to represent the blue and white. When I walk into the oval it feels like home, not only because I grew up in this area but because the south is such a close community. When we walk into the rooms at training or step out onto the oval before a game, it’s about so much more than just playing footy. We are representing the club, the sponsors, our families, our supporters, the local community and the development of women’s football in the South.”

Despite being successful in two different sports, Nicole has not let that change her. Even with a very bright path ahead she will still undoubtedly put her team first over anything else;

“I feel extremely lucky to have so many amazing opportunities in footy and I’m excited to keep working hard and see where my footy career takes me.”

“I have been very lucky with my sporting career; I have always had opportunities to play different sports and to play for different association teams and local clubs. I have to thank my parents for supporting me and driving me everywhere for sport when I was younger.”

Proving Nicole isn’t only a great player, but also a great person.


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